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Higher English

No description

Ross High English

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Higher English

Two mandatory units:

- Higher English: Analysis & Evaluation
- Higher English: Creation & Production

The work you complete will also count towards:

- National 5 Literacy

Higher English - Course Units
Question Papers - 70%
Writing Portfolio - 30%

Grades are awarded from A - D

Higher English - Grading
Reading for Understanding, Analysis & Evaluation (Close Reading)

1 hour 30 mins

Read two non-fiction passages.
Answer questions on passage 1.
Complete a comparison question on both passages.

30 marks
Higher English - Question Paper 1
Higher English - Analysis & Evaluation
Higher English

Answer questions on a non-fiction text
(newspaper/magazine articles)

Answer questions after watching/listening to a text (Newsnight, Panorama, Scotland Tonight segment)

You will study either a selection of Scottish poetry or short stories.

You will also study additional texts for critical essay writing such as a novel, drama, poetry, non-fiction writing or Film & TV programmes.
An Introduction

Produce discursive and creative writing.

Deliver a solo talk/participate in
group discussion.
Higher English - Creation & Production
Higher English - Writing Portfolio
You will produce two writing pieces for the portfolio: one discursive, one creative

In March, your writing portfolio will be sent to the SQA to be marked.

Each writing piece is worth 15 marks, making the portfolio worth a total of 30 marks.

Critical Reading
1 hour 30 mins

Scottish text:
Answer questions on the Scottish text(s) you have studied.

20 marks

Critical Essay:
Write an essay on a text you have studied.

20 marks
Higher English - Question Paper 2
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