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Britain´s Political System

Englisch 13. Klasse 11/12

Daniel Gerber

on 16 May 2012

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Transcript of Britain´s Political System

Britain´s Political System historical facts System of parliamentary government was developed in England Britain has an unwritten constitution Nickname: ``Mother of Parliaments´´ Parliament consists of two chambers: The Upper House/
House of Lords The Lower House/
House of Commons Judiciary Executive Legislative High Court House of Lords 753 Members: Hereditary/Life Peers
Lord Spiritual House of Commons 646 Members of
Parliament Members of Electorate Direct Vote/
Term 5 Years Delay/Veto Prime Minister Ministers Cabinet appoints dissolve needs their confidence The political Parties The Conservatives / Tories In favor of private enterprises Labour Party / Socialists Used to favour old-style socialism:
the state has the central role,
provides housing,
health care,
etc. Since Tony Blair: New Labour:
less interference from the state,
more private responsibility The Liberal Democrats A merger of liberals and social democrats Tony Blair (1997-2007) David Cameron (2010-ON) King/Queen 10, Downing Street 646 Members of Parliament main function: control the executive and to introduce and discuss new bills Lords Temporal: hereditary and life peers Lords Spiritual: Archbishops and bishops main job: delay and veto bills
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