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How does basketball affect the world?

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Jay Ar Rodriguez

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of How does basketball affect the world?

How does basketball affect the world?
Basketball is a passionate sport, where it teaches people life lessons. It brings people all around the world together by all of them agreeing and doing something they all like to do.
How does it build a better place?
It provides every individual to have a new hobby. Where everyone can just play and have fun. While for others more dedicated hoopers, its where they get everything off their mind and just play. It is their get away from all the stress outside of basketball.
How does basketball make you a better individual?
Basketball builds character out of people. It shows value of teamwork,hard work and most importantly leadership. You have to have a tough mentality and high confidence to be a great player. Great work ethic is needed. Also team work, one man cannot win by himself. It will need the entire team .
How would basketball benefit your health?
Basketball helps your body by providing physical exercise that benefits for several reasons. One obvious benefit of playing basketball is the cardio exercises you can't avoid doing if you stay active on the basketball court for more than a few minutes. The high level of physical activity also helps the body to burn calories. Other less obvious benefits that come from participating in basketball are improvements in stamina and strength. Hand-to-eye coordination is improved, and involvement in the game strengthens concentration.
Thank you!
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