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Daily Life of the "Regency Era" aristrocracy

The daily life of the "Regency Era" aristrocracy.

Brian Baxter

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Daily Life of the "Regency Era" aristrocracy

Daily life for the "Regency Era" aristocracy What is an Aristocrat? An aristocrat is someone of the upperclass in the *regency* period,
(1811-1820) who inherited their wealth and power; by birth, by marrige, or by millitary accomplishments Daily life was different for the aristocracy, depending on the gender, and age of the person. Some Aristocrats are involved in the government. They also frequently participate in social events such as balls. An example in Pride and Prejudice is Mr Darcy, whose mother is a Lady. If they were not dancing or involved in the government, they were gambling because they are normally filthy rich.
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