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No description

Stephany Andrade

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of Introspective

Word Study
Stephany Andrade and Skylar Brooks
An examination of one's thoughts and feelings
A way of looking at somthing in your own way
Point - of-view
A person who looks on something else
To examine or spy
A way of thinking
to be only concerned about ones self
One that gives evidence
Observant of the rights and feelings of others
Perspective and Point-Of-View
Perspective and Point-Of-View are similar because they both have to do with someone talking about something in their own way. Their differnces are that the context that used in are different ways. For example point- of -view is used when you are usually reading or writing something. Perspective is used in any case
Spectator and Speculate
Spectator and Speculate are similar but yet very different. Specttator means to lok on to something. Speculate means to examine or spy. Here are the reasons why:
spectators look on something with not much intension/ on a daily base
speculate is when someone usually of law /someone who is trying to solve a mystery . for example a casse when someona has to find a trace of fingerprints
Introspective and selfish
Introspective and Selfish are similar because they both have to do with thinking ones feeelings and thoughts. They are different because selfish is used in a negative way and introspective can be used in a positive way or negative way.
ENGLISH IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in a way it is cool how many origins it comes from. Italian,Irish,British,French, and Chinese. A lot of the American words are made by many different people and we wouldnt be speaking a language like this without being United
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