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Software Developer

No description

Sean Passmore

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Software Developer

A Software Developer
Like a Computer Programmer but more money
Sean C. Passmore
Job Overview
Figure out what software a client needs then design and create said software
Decide how pieces of software will work together
Create flowcharts to guide myself and fellow programmers how to code the software
Document all aspects of created software for maintenance purposes
Collaborate with other programmers to optimize software
To become a Software Developer I will need a bachelor's degree in computer science which covers a broad range of topics.
I will need to have a solid background in programming so I can determine what languages will be the most useful in creating specific software.
In addition to this I will have to stay up to date on all new tools and languages.
Finally I must have understanding of the industry in which I work, I.E. Banking, so that I can accurately assess the company's needs.

Earnings & Prospects
The median wage in 2012 for Software Devs was $99,000 with the top 10% $145,850
from 2012 to 2022 jobs in the Software Development industry are projected to grow by 22% which is much faster than average

On the Job & Working Conditions
On the Job
Working Conditions
Generally speaking I will be working in an office building with Air Conditioning and soft chairs.
I will be working with a team consisting of fellow programmers and developers to create software to for our clients
Recent Developments
The Software Devs at Valve were tasked with creating a new OS for their newly announced Steam Machine console which is very interesting. This new OS simply titled SteamOS, which will be released stand-alone from the console, was designed with Linux architecture and then tweaked for enjoyment on big-screen TVs. It sounds like a fun, well paying, job.

http://jakeroot.deviantart.com/ -Created Background
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Southern Polytechnic
English: 4 required
Foreign language : 2 required
History : 2 required
Lab : 2 required
Math: 4 required
Science : 4 required
Social studies : 1 required
Academic electives : 2 required
Total : 19 required

SAT: 1145
3.27 GPA
$27000 for four years
which would be the
length of time to complete
my degree.
I am already taking two programming classes and am already capable of thinking abstractly.
I also have a passion for game design so I'd say I'm well on my way.
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