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Monday Morning "Hello"

How was your weekend? Past simple

Jesse James

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Monday Morning "Hello"

"How was your weekend?"
Monday Morning "Hello"
A) "Good morning,
How was your holiday?"

"It was ___________..."

Now Ask your friend about
their weekend!!!!!!
How was
Give more information.
A) What did you do?
B) I went to my Grandmother's house.
.....I ate lunch with my brother in Nampo Dong
on Saturday.
I went to the movies....
If you are boring, then nobody will want
to talk to you. Be interested in what your
partner is saying. Ask more questions.
This is just a conversation
terrible, wonderful, amazing, boring, fun, exciting, tiring, exhausting, great,
just ok, average, extraordinary, spectacular, normal, expensive,
inspiring, educational, regretful,
I ate meat with my friends.
I played computer games.
I saw a movie.
It was wonderful, thank you....
Then I met my Father and we went hiking together. After our hike, we drank makeoli!!!
with who?
....with my girlfriend....
....in Nampo dong....
what did you do?
...on Saturday.
This powerpoint was kindly donated to www.worldofteaching.com

http://www.worldofteaching.com is home to over a thousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching.
Now look at these clips from You Tube, and see for yourself what all the fuss was about. Enjoy!
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee died, July 20th 1973. His brain had swollen to many times its real size. He was only 32 years old.
At the time, he was making ‘Game of Death,' a film that involved Lee taking on various martial arts experts on his way to solving a criminal mystery…
During his short life, he also trained many film stars in the martial arts (developing his own style, Jeet Kune Do – what Lee called ‘the art of fighting without fighting.’)
Stars such as James Coburn, Steve McQueen
and David Carradine all learned a great deal
from him.
Later, his son Brandon Lee became a star in
his own right. During the filming of ‘The Crow,’
Brandon was tragically
killed by a bullet which was meant to have been a dummy.
Bruce Lee
‘I’m not a master, I’m a student master.’
‘If someone comes at you with a sword, run if you can. Kung fu doesn't always work.’
Bruce Lee’s first breakthrough film was ‘The Big Boss (1971).’ He had tried his luck in the US, but had managed only smaller roles in programmes such as ‘Batman’ and the ‘Green Hornet.’ But ‘The Big Boss’ made him a star throughout Asia.
His second movie, ‘Fists of Fury (1972),’ firmly
established him as an Asian superstar, and the third,
‘Way of the Dragon (1972),’ led to his first US Hollywood
movie, ‘ Enter the Dragon (1973).’
Lee seemed quicker than all the other martial arts stars,
he also had the film-star looks and the charisma to
break box-office records around the world.
Kung – fu films were here to stay!
Bruce Lee
Lee could spring a 235 lb (107 kg) opponent 15 feet (4.6 metres) away with a 1 inch punch.
Lee could snatch a dime off a person’s open hand, then replace it with a dollar before they could close their palm.
Lee could perform push-ups using only his thumbs.
Lee could throw grains of rice up into the air and catch them using only chopsticks.
Lee could thrust his hands through unopened cans of Coca Cola.
Lee could break wooden boards 6 inches thick.
Lee recommended a food high in nutrition. For instance, he supplemented his diet with vitamins, bee pollen and chocolate-flavoured protein tablets!
Bruce Lee – what could he do?
If you thought of everything from ‘Hong Kong Fooey,’ to ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,’ to the ‘Rush Hour’ or ‘Matrix’ films, Jackie Chan or Jet Li, then you are still only scratching the surface of how important Bruce Lee was in bringing a whole new type of movie experience to Western audiences.
Can you think of any film stars, or films and TV where the martial arts are practised? If so, they probably all owe some debt to Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee
The ‘Little Dragon’- even if you have never heard of Bruce Lee, or even if you have but are unfamiliar with his movies, you will probably have watched and enjoyed many films or TV programmes that might not of been made had it not been for his influence. Can you think of any examples?
Bruce Lee; 1940 - 1973
1.There is not ________sugar in the coffee.
2.There are ___________ stars in the sky.
3.There aren’t ________ roses on the table.
4.Father says, ‘Please give me ________ oil.’
5.Is there ________ orange juice?
6.There is ________ paper on the desk.
II. Put the correct answer into the spaces with “some” or “any”.
1.John is eating some __________(potato).
2.Is there any ___________ (water) in the jar?
3.Mother says, ‘Gogo, please give me some __________ (jam).’
4.There are some _________ (fish) in the river.
5.There aren’t any ______________(tomato) on the table.
I. Put the correct form of the given words into the spaces.

Made by
Alicja Gutowska
There isn’t/There aren’t any
We use ‘There isn’t any’ when the noun is uncountable. (milk, coffee.)

We use ‘There aren’t any’ when the countable noun is plural. (dishes, watches)
There is/There are some
We use ‘There is some’ when the noun is uncountable. (meat, cheese.)

We use ‘There are some’ when the countable noun is plural. (rulers, pencils.)

There is/There isn’t
There are/There aren’t

Uncountable nouns are things we can’t count.
We can’t put an ‘s’ on an uncountable noun.
We can’t say ‘one rice’, ‘two rices’, etc.
An uncountable noun has only one form. (rice)
Uncountable nouns
e.g. I eat rice everyday.
I like rice.

Rice is an uncountable noun.
Uncountable nouns
e.g. I eat a banana every day.
I like bananas.

“Banana” is a countable noun.

We can put an ‘s’ on a countable noun: „Bananas”
Countable nouns –
Rzeczowniki policzalne
Uncountable nouns
Study the following table:
There isn’t/There aren’t any
Study the following table:
There is/ There are some
0-3 Work hard! Don’t give up!
4-7 You can do much better!
8-11 Well done!
Look! How many mark(s) do you get?
2. plural (bananas)
Countable nouns
Countable nouns are things we can count.
We can say ‘one banana’ ,‘two bananas’ etc.
A countable noun can be
1. singular (banana) or

 milk

 water

 ham

 lettuce
Examples of uncountable nouns:

 salad dressing
Uncountable nouns
 grape grapes
 strawberry strawberries
 cucumber cucumbers
 pineapple pineapples
Examples of countable nouns
singular plural
 apple apples
Countable nouns
But we just add -s to:
radio radios

photo photos
We add -es to most nouns in -o:
tomato tomatoes
potato potatoes
Countable nouns
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