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Available Resources

No description

Erika Gilbert

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Available Resources

Why People Eat The Foods They Do? Personal Influences Available Resources Technology and the food suppply - Your choice of food depends on a great deal on the resources available to you.
- Resources are inoloved in obtaianing the foods you need.
- People's food choices differ because their resources differ.
- No one has an endless supply of food.
- It is important that familes make use of the resources to their own advantage. -One of the resoures that influeneces your food choices is basic food supply. - With out the technology we have now we wouldn't have much food supply. _ Today, mordern techology has increased your food options. -Advances in technology will coutinue to people's food choices. - Lifestyle has a strong influenece on what and where you eat, how and where you stop and how you prepare food. _ Your lifestyle , values,prioities and emotions influences your choice of foods. -Your lifestyle, values,priorities and emotions influenece your food choices. -A teen's lifestyle is mostly friends,family and for some a part-time job. -A busy lifestyle can influence your food choices. Lifestyle changes through out your life. -Moving through stages of life will also influences your food choices as well. Not - Not everyone spends time and money on the same thing or the same way. People make choices based on their values and proities.
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