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New York Cupcakes (NYC)

No description

Nicole Edelstein

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of New York Cupcakes (NYC)

- Celiac consumers
- Vegan consumers
- Health-conscious consumers
- Students
- Late night consumers
- Universities
- Nightclubs
- Supermarkets
- Metro/Train Stations
- Movie Theaters
- Hospitals
- Environmentally Conscious Consumers
What is the problem that we are trying to solve?

The lack of:
-organic cupcakes with a charitable cause,
-fresh dessert options for celiac and vegan people
-late night snacks options (particularly healthy ones)

- ATM Manufacturer
- College Book Stores
- Universities
- Advisory Board
- Local Farmers
Nicole, Salomé, Catalin, Rozalia, Nicholas
Value-driven Business:

-Determined to meet the specific and many needs of our customers, willing to pay a premium

New York Cupcakes (NYC)
- Baking
- Selling cupcakes at flagship store and ATM machines
-Donating leftover cupcakes
at the end of every day
-Donating 10% of profits to a nonprofit organization

- Student Discounts
- Personalized Assistance at Flagship store
- 24/7 Self Service

-Flagship store -Location
-Volunteering within
the Milan community
as well as around
the world
- Asset Sale
- Catering
- 4 euros (traditional)
- 5 euros (vegan and gluten free)

- Nightclubs
- University libraries
- Supermarkets
- Movie theaters
- Metro stations
- Airports
- Hospitals

- Shift from ATMs to Vending Machines

Value proposition for consumers:

-organic cupcakes with a charitable cause
-late night snacks options, (particular healthy ones),
-fresh dessert options for celiac,
, and vegans

- Social media interactions
- Phone number for technical issues

- Cupcake Flagship Store and Baking Facility

- Cupcake ATMs outdoors

- Price revised to 5€ flat rate to standardize prices & to breakeven
- Remove catering
- Cupcake Flagship Store and Baking Facility
- Social Media interaction
- Cupcake vending machines outdoors and indoors via partnerships

- Additional revenue from 2€ mini cupcakes

Add cheaper (2€) mini-cupcakes to appeal to consumers who:
- are not willing to pay 5€,
- want a smaller treat,
- do not have 5€ change with them
Flagship store, ingredients, utilities, equipment, salaries, insurance, vending machines, rent, % for partnerships, marketing
Value proposition for businesses:

-Helping our partner businesses deliver better service to their customers by providing a new and attractive snack offering in their premises
Flagship store, vending machines
Cupcake recipes, brand & marketing
Human Capital:
Cooks & vendors
Seed funding & loan

Marketing activities to make our consumers aware of the charitable nature of our business:
- on the vending machine
- social media
- Positioning of vending machines is preferably isolated rather than directly adjacent to others
Adapt our product mix according to prevalence of customer segments:
8 rows:
- 3 organic, 3 sugar free, 1 gluten free, 1 vegan
6 columns:
- alternate mini and regular cupcakes
Question: Do Italians know what cupcakes are?
- Remove discounts & create new strategies to engage student market & create a network of cupcake lovers
- Distribute flyers in campuses for free mini-cupcake at flagship store
- Create instagram hashtag & contest for funniest cupcake selfie

1st business model
2nd business model
3rd business model

Question: Are our cupcakes viewed as healthy?
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