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Hi. I'm Todd. Resume 2.0

Nice to meet you. This is my visual resume about how I became a public relations professional.

Todd Holbrook

on 2 December 2011

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Transcript of Hi. I'm Todd. Resume 2.0

Hi. I'm Todd.
It's nice to meet you.
I'd like to tell you about how I became a public relations and marketing professional.
I was raised in Santa Barbara, CA.
After high school, I spent two years in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Then, I headed to Provo, UT.
I decided to move with my small family to Sydney, Australia for a unique international experience.
Santa Barbara
Porto Alegre
While in Utah, I held several PR/marketing positions at various workplaces...
...including a reputable international enterprise software company
Having made connections with friends and colleagues
around the world,
studied in top institutions,
and boldly ventured into new territories,
I understand what it takes to communicate
personally and professionally.

I am a man of many hats.
Public Relations
Social Media
Content Strategy
Marketing Communications
Media Relations
But my
specialty is
with key
But don't just take
my word for it.

Let me show you what I can do for your company.
Come find me:

Todd Holbrook



I learned from the best, you could say.

I chose to follow the footsteps of my late father, who was also a PR professional.
As a missionary, I literally met thousands of people.

Fala Português?
I studied at the University of Sydney for a Masters in Strategic Public Relations. There, I associated with the future communicators of the world.
Todd Holbrook
Now Available for Employment
I got my Bachelors at Brigham Young University and graduated among top students in a PR program ranked in the top 5 nationally.
Currently, I work and play in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
My skills and understanding of market engagement and nurturing grew with years of experience as Manager, Marketing Communications of Altegra Health.
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