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meteorological description of the U.S.

Caden k

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of meteorologist

Current Weather Report by Caden Keese, Claire Kim, and Cadre Carrigan The Middle Temperatures Temperature Departure Precipitation Barometric Pressure Temperature Wind Barometric Pressure West Coast Temperature Departure East Coast Precipitation Precipitation Wind In the middle, cold air in the north air is flowing to the warm less dense air in the south around Texas You can also see some anticyclonic activity near the north western part of Texas which mean dry wind and no clouds. There is also wind going toward Chicago and Minneapolis because even though they have cold temeratures those tempuratures are lower than more northwestern parts In the west coast, there is pretty much a huge high pressure cold air mass that is pushing out air into the warmer edges.
There is also some cyclonic activity surrounding higher pressure in the coldest air of the cold air mass. In the east there is going to be some anticyclonic activity which will cause clear skies and higher temperatures The End
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