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business ethics michaela cuthbert

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of business ethics michaela cuthbert

the creator
john cadbury was an English proprietor and founder of cadbury .

Business ethics - Michaela cuthbert
cadbury's fairtrade
Cadbury Dairy Milk has been involved with Fairtrade since 2009, and Cadbury and Fairtrade are now building on this relationship through a global partnership between Cocoa Life and Fairtrade.

All the cocoa going into Cadbury’s products is verified through FLO-CERT, Fairtrade’s independent verification organisation and Fairtrade is working in partnership with Cocoa Life meaning that as a result, in the UK, five times as much Cadbury chocolate will now be made with sustainably sourced cocoa.

bussnes ethics cadbury
When Cadbury’s announced seven years ago that its leading brand, Dairy Milk, would be made from Fairtrade cocoa it was hailed as a milestone and a return to the ideals of its Quaker founders.

The decision in 2009 is still proudly displayed on Cadbury’s website at a major moment in the company's almost 200-year history and has been credited with prompting many of its rivals to follow suit.

But the company is facing criticism after pulling out of Fairtrade chocolate in favour of its own “sustainability programme”.
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