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Were humans a mistake or were we meant to be

Senna Bogan

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of MY BIG QUESTION

Were human beings a mistake or were we meant to be?
Now, a video - perhaps representing the evolution of human behaviour....
My Survey
Hello and welcome to my big question presentation!
I have been studying life, evolution and if human beings were meant to be or if we were un-planned. This prezi will show what i have figured out, how people reacted to this question, a video and an interview with scientist, Fred Poeser
Human's, mistake or a plan?
Scientists all over the world
are constantly questioning
one of earth's biggest mystery's,
"Were human beings a mistake
or were we meant to be?"
This is an almost imposible question that has and may stay unanswered for years but I have tried to figure out the most likely answer.
I decided, in order to lead me closer to the answer, I should ask:

Who were the first humans on earth?
Different people have different opinions on this, For example:

Non religious people believe that the first people were origionated in africa, This has some scientific backing.
Charles Darwin’s theory was that we evolved from the apes.
Christians believe that Adam and Eve were the first people, created by God.
Muslims have a similar belief.
Buddhists believe the world and humans evolved into being by natures flow.
I took a flat object - a c.d. and photo copied it. Then I took a copy of the copy and a copy of the copy and a copy of the copy....... and so on. Infact I took 30 copies!
The Results:
The copy gradually changes - The differences?:
There are areas which are lighter, the shape has slightly changed, some details are completely gone.
What Does This Have to do with Evolution:
Each time the copier makes a copy, the pixels change slightly. Done over the course of 30 times, the image changes. This is pretty much how DNA changes when an organism reproduces. So every generations off-springs DNA changes slightly. Millions of copies would completely change it into a whole new species.
In Conclusion:
All living organisms are related because they are all made up of the same DNA structure. Scientists have used this theory to map the history of every organism to 1 common ancestor!!
Amazing !
FRED POESER - science teacher AICS


In your opinion, who do you think the first people on earth were?
Who are people? For a biologist, such as me, humans are “scientifically” Homo sapiens, meaning “just another biological species.” The earliest humans where ancient people, living in Europe, called “Cro magnon.”
Do you take on the religious side of life or the non religious side?
I take both sides. For worldly reality, I take the side of science, but science has also shown that there is a big spiritual side to life! Emotions and feelings are very important to understand the world as it is, and so both sides of the medal are equally important…
Do you think God created the world in 6 days like it says in the bible?
Well, the Bible says that He did it in 6 days… which is unbelievable. So, I don’t believe this.
Do you believe Darwin’s theory that we evolved from the apes?
Darwin never said that we evolved from apes. He noticed many similarities between humans and apes, and concluded that we have evolved from a common ancestor. I think that we can even still call ourselves apes…
If aliens do exist, do you think they brought life to earth?
No. Aliens live far to far-away, there is no way they could have visited the Earth (if they exist at all).
Do you think human evolution is going too fast?
Yes, our cultural evolution is much too fast for our bodies and minds. We learn too quickly to let it all sink in and make us understand it all. However, I hope I am wrong about this and we will soon understand what it is all about!

My Big Answer
In my own opinion, humans are a result of life progressing to survive.. and therefor.......
we were meant to be.

Thank you for coming to watch my big question presentation.
I hope you enjoyed it.

Now for a bit of fun, before we go, a quiz!

a) What was the man saying on the picture of my point of view of evolution?
b) What was the percentage of the people who thought humans were a mistake?
c) In the video, what did man turn the elephant into.

to my
Do you think the world would be a more peaceful place if humans had never been created?

"No, certainly not. Nature is constantly at war.
Big kills small, small makes big horribly sick…
It is humans that try to make sense of it all and (slowly…) try to make peace.
I believe that the future will be much better than the past!" - Fred Poeser

Hope For The Future
It took man one and a half million years to realize stones could be used as tools.

It took a further fifty thousand years years to cultivate crops.

Yet the progress we have made in the past 100 years has led us to landing probes on Mars......

How did we get so smart?
BYE!! :)
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