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Senior Project Presentation

Marketing 101

Haley Huskins

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

Senior Project Presentation marketing 101 the product: a how-to guide for marketing along with that
I joined FBLA to learn more about marketing Haley Huskins research:
for my research paper I took an in depth look at Apple Incorporated's marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns since the creation of the Apple I in1976 how did I choose my project?
what is something I could learn from?
what is something that would be worth the time I would have to put into it? Around the time I was asked to submit a final topic for my
Senior Project, an idea came to my head...what about doing something on marketing?

I saw our yearbook representative try to sway us to use his company for the year to come and realized all the marketing that must take place to pursuade a potential customer
Why not do an in depth study on marketing and create a helpful tool for those who want to learn more as I did?
From there I came up with a design for a 20 page book with tips, examples, and the details of successful marketing strategies the process brainstormed and created an outline for what I wanted to see go in my guide, of course this outline had several changes made to it over the course of time from there I started working on the pages which took hours to perfect just one
I used Adobe InDesign to create my entire product each spread took about 3 hours to complete after I completed my project, I pdf-ed all the pages and took them to Office Max to have my book printed FBLA: I joined FBLA as a part of my project to learn more about marketing
By studying for the competitions, I learned a lot that I was able to put into my guide
I competed in the marketing competitions and placed 2nd at Region
From there I moved onto the state competition where I won 3rd place and qualified for Nationals the competition: I was given 20 minutes to brainstorm and come up with a marketing strategy for a pizza restaurant going under due to the economy Marketing In The Modern World Belk:
"Modern. Southern. style." New Orleans aquarium:
use of the @ symbol
picture of the animal to come see
visually pleasing kristy dickerson photography:
online blog
ads in wedding magazines
branding Wingate hotel:
part of the "go green" craze
reusing towels
use of green in their products
play off of 're'cycle apple incorporated
use of the "i"
powerful commercials
modern design and keeps up and customer desires Chick fil A:
kid's nights on tuesday night
no service on sunday
"Eat more chicken" campaign with the cows Given 8 minutes to present, I used all my time. Using marketing vocabulary, I pursuaded the personal relaions representative to join my cause. I scored a 98 out of 100 on this portion matt felis project
facilitator Josten's Representative works with
marketing everyday helped me organize spread ideas
lightbulb as a cover idea
edited my spreads
showed me where to find valuable resources challenges: trouble finding what to do for my project
how time consuming the project was
issues using InDesign
overall not too many challenges though
What I Learned: how to critique marketing strategies
what all goes into effective marketing
specific types of marketing and which are more effective
what is popular in modern-day advertisement design I would pursue this topic further
now I may try to minor in marketing
I feel like I could definately see myself in a marketing career, even though right now I'm on track for a medical job
no matter what I do down the road, what I learned through this project will greatly benefit me
for example: if I opened my own clinic the marketing tools I learned about would help me in starting a business thanks for your time! interesting facts:
they wanted the logo to be simple, like an apple, so it turned into being the actual fruit
Steve wozniak & steve jobs were the first marketers
steve jobs actually left and came back and brought the company out of its slump

the 4 p's:
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