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1960's Music

No description

Jade Ghabach

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of 1960's Music

1960's Music
Popular Bands
In Australia, the 1960’s was a period of change. A number of different bands and artists began to tour around Australia within this decade and during this time certain music groups began to shine. The Who, Beach Boys, Rolling stones, The Beatles and Pink Floyd were bands that were very popular in Australia in this time. The Beatles were biggest band of this decade as many of the songs and albums were in the top ten throughout the entire decade.
Typical Bands
In the 60’s there were many different genres that became popular influencing the types of bands that were around. Some of the most popular genres were Punk Rock, Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Surf Music, and Boy Bands.
Most of the bands popular in this decade reflected the popular genres at the time. For example, Rock bands were generally the most listened to bands. The Rolling Stones and The Who were some of the most popular Rock bands in the 60’s whereas Boy Bands like The Beatles and The Monkees were just as popular. The Beach Boys, The Who, Jackson 5 and Motown were also extremely well-known in the 60’s.

Famous Australian Bands
Within this time period a number of Australian bands began to arise onto radio stations and became very popular. These included the Bee Gees, Easy beats, Zoot, The Flying Circus, Masters Apprentice, The Seekers , The Loved ones and Many more. The Seekers in particular, were one of the most popular and successful Australian bands. This is for being Australia’s first band to sell over 1 million hits on an international scale. The Loved ones, Bee Gees and Easy beats had quite a bit of success during this time also and are still remembered to this day.
Jasmin Hong, Joy Atme, Jade Ghabach
Forms of Media
Television 1960's
Transistor Radio
Young and Older Music Tastes

In the 1960’s, the new found craze over rock n roll changed the way younger people enjoyed music. Younger people started listening to the radio; this is where they would hear their favorite artists singing their favorite songs. Most of the younger people listened to the Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and the Beatles. Older people were not any different. While the younger people crazed over the Beatles and The Beach Boys, their parents were the same. Many adults listened to Folk Rock. Artists like Bob Dylan were becoming very popular around the 60’s. Also artists like Elvis, Aretha Franklin and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience were also frequently listened to by younger people but mainly by an older audience.
In the 60’s different forms of media were introduced and very popular. In order to listen to music, people used various types of technology which included radio, television, records/albums and jukeboxes. In this 60’s everyone was listening to the radio and owned a transistor. The radio consisted of the latest songs and popular bands which were played by a Top40. Televisions were extremely popular at this time as they were new and people were constantly buying them. The 4 T.V network channels Seven, NINE, Ten and ABC played different music shows with the top hits at the time. This was a way for music to be played throughout homes
Teens In the 60's
Parents and Adults
In the early stages of the 60’s, Australia experienced a dance trend then was quickly followed by a stomp movement reflecting the surf and beach culture. This was influenced from America a few years before. The Beach Boys were the leading group of this age and toured Australia in 1964 .
The Beach Boys

Rolling Stones

The Who
The Easy Beats
The Loved Ones

Bee Gees
Master Apprentice

Britain and America Influence
Aretha Franklin

Elvis Presley
Jimmy Hendrix
Bob Dylan

Australia during the 1960’s had a variety of popular bands changing the way young people entertained themselves. Australian music charts were dominated by American and British music; Australians at this period were highly influence by international trends and did not want to be left behind the music scene. Particularly the youth and musicians had a high interest and demand for pop culture and without the influence of America and Britain during the 60’s it would not be the same today. The use of globalization stimulated experimenting and crossing genres, sharing ideas and ideas among bands. Rock and roll bands began to be popular from the outcome of international influence such as The Rolling Stones a British band and The Monkees an American band. Overall both America and Britain had an influence on Australian performers but Britain’s music was highly demanded, in fact the 'British Invasion' was a name given during this period
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