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The Giver Plot Diagram

No description

Jacob Ficarotta

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of The Giver Plot Diagram

Falling Action 2
Jonas and Gabe escapes on the Dads bike and tries to escape the community but The Giver can't come because if he does the community would be lost without his wisdom.

The Giver Plot Diagram
By Jacob Ficarotta
Rising Action 1
Rising Action 2

Falling Action 1
Rising Action 3
The Exposition introduces the main characters, Jonas the main character, Mom, and Dad, Lily Jonas's sister, and Asher Jonas's friend.
The setting in a utopian community, Jonas's house, and his school.

The Conflict in The Giver is that everything is the same and there is no color and everyone feels no excitement, happiness, or love.
He goes to school and he is excited for the ceremonies to be coming up in December because he will be assigned a job.

Jonas wakes up and he expierience the stirrings and has to take these pills. The stirrings is like puberty.

Jonas gets assigned a job as a reciever the most important job in the community and he meets the Giver that will train Jonas to become the Giver and then it keeps repeating.

The Climax of The Giver is when Jonas is training with The Giver and askes to see his father realeasing the lighter baby and finds out that they don't kick the people out of the community they kill them with a needle to the head.

Jonas and The Giver make a plan to escape from the community with Gabe because the community is wrong with what they are doing and how they are lying to the people.

The Resolution is that Jonas and Gabe succesfully escapes and when they are walking Jonas thinks he hears singing but it could be just a echo.
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