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AusCAN risk assessment for SAPUs-draft

OT Australia conference- a test on using Prezi to engage the audience

Vi Nguyen

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of AusCAN risk assessment for SAPUs-draft

AusCAN Risk Assessment for
Sitting Acquired Pressure Ulcers Vi Nguyen
Wound Healing and Occupational Performance Research Group
School of Surgery, University of Western Australia Part 1

identify factors associated with SAPU after spinal cord injury

develop a risk assessment to identify individuals at high risk for SAPU. Method

(presenter) Sitting Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Subset of pressure ulcers (deep tissue injury) (1)

Generally develop on the load-bearing regions of the bony pelvis during sitting

Ischial tuberosities, greater trochanter of the femur and coccyx/sacrum (2)
24o acute
240 chronic prospective years Aims Risk Factors Demographics
ASIA levels
BMI, Waist circumference,
Co morbidities Interface Pressure Mapping
Posture, Pelvic tilt
Wheelchair configuration, Cumulative sitting time Bladder, bowels
Ultrasound of soft tissue Quality of life
Self efficacy
Substance abuse
Living environment
social support Aims Part 2

Determine the costs of treating a SAPU

Measure the loss of quality of life OT involvement chief investigators

research assistants

psychosocial factors

ICF framework
Thank you- References
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