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Alexis Spencer

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii

A:Who was Hawaii's colonial parent?
The United States was Hawaii's colonial parent.
C: Why did they take over?
A group of American sugar planters, under Sandford Ballard Dole, overthrew the Hawaiian monarch. The United States fulfilled the conspirators' wishes by annexing the Islands in August of 1898. Hawaii had the Islands' Sandalwood which was much valued in China. The American traders came to Hawaii to exploit it.
D: How did the United States take over Hawaii?
The United States annexed the Islands of Hawaii. After a policeman was shot and wounded while trying to stop a wagon carrying weapons to the Honolulu Rifles, the overthrow ignited on January 16, 1893. 162 sailors and marines aboard the USS Boston in Honolulu harbor. They came well-armed but under orders of neutrality, they didn't fire a shot but their presence served effectively in intimidating royalist defenders.
E: How was Hawaii treated under the United States?
The islands were placed under martial law for the durration of the was. Hawaii's kingdom was dissolving two years after being taken over. The Hawaiian League struck back against the king for trying to dilute their power. The Hawaiian League drafted a new constitution that reduced the power of the king and increased power of the cabinet and the legislature. It also extended voting rights to wealthy non citizens. The League used the threat of violence to force the king to sign the constitution known as the Bayonet constitution.
A: When did Hawaii gain independence?
Hawaii gained independence on August 21, 1959.
B: When did the colonial parent country take over?
The United States took over Hawaii on January 17. 1893.
B: Who was involved in the process of independence?
The Kanka Maoli people, France, Great Britan, and The United States.
C: How did Hawaii gain independence?
Hawiian kingdoms were overthrown by
American businessmen. They were independent republics until they were annexed by the United States as a territory, before becoming an independent state in 1959. Hawaii was reconized as equal by The United States.
A: What were the effects of imperialism on Hawaii?
The Bayonet Constitution stripped the monarchy of it's power then used military force to make the kings sign it. Queen Lili'uokalani worked on a new constitutuion which would reinstate the veto power of the monarchy and allowed voting rights to be disenfranchised. Sandford B. Dole seized power and had the queen imprisoned. Business people wanted Hawaii to annex the US. The republic of Hawaii was offically established on July 4, 1894 with Sandford as president. After Grover Cleveland researched and found out that the overthrowing of the queen was illigal, he wanted the queen to return to power. Soon after ,Hawaii became a protectorate of the US in 1897.
B: What is the state of Hawaii now in 2014?
Hawaii is the 50th state of The United States. Now Hawaii is a global gathering place for visitors to share in the spirit of aloha.
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