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Job Title

No description

Reece Warren

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Job Title

Job Title
Adminster drugs that reduce (or even eliminate) the pain a patient might feel during surgery or other medical procedures.
Job Description
Prerequisite college courses (2-4) years/ Medical degree (4 years)/ You also have to have board certification with a state medical license.
Education Requirements
Salary- $300,000
Salary Range- $300,000-$430,000
Advancement- Anesthesiologist can continue working in a hospital and move into a managerial or administrative position.
Is very good, the job is listed in the top 20 for most paying.
Job Outlook
lifestyle implications
You work later but as a anesthesiologist you can usually plan your schedule.
Technology affected career
Technology has affected the career of an anesthesiologist. But many people think it is much safer to use technology.
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