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Jessica McGrath

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of Modena

Modena, Italy Accommodation UNA Hotel Modena
Restaurants Osteria Francescana
Tourist Attractions Geographical
Information UNA Hotel Modena is located 9km from the A1 motorway and is only 500 metres from the Baggiovara Train Station, which offen has trains travelling to the centre of Modena.
The rooms at the Hotel provide free Wi-Fi, are air-conditioned and also have satellite TV. The hotel offers a sauna, Turkish baths and a gym.
You can get a double room at the UNA Hotel Modena for $145 per night. Hotel Astor Il Tempio The Il Tempio construction
work began on December 8th, 1923.
It was made in the memory of the
everyone who lost their lives in the
war between 1915 - 1918. The names
of the people are engraved in
gold writing on green
marble walls. Famous Landmarks
and monuments Modena la Ghirlandina Cathedral The Modena la Ghirlandina
Cathedral is a Romanesque church in
Modena. It is the Cathedral of the Roman
Catholic Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola.
The Cathedral was consecrated in 1184 and is
listed as a World Heritage Site. It is also
one of the most important Romanesque
constructions in Europe. Osteria Francescana is owned by
the head chef, Massimo Bottura. The
Osteria Francescana was voted the
4th best resturant in the World in 2011
and is a two Michelin star resturant.
The first star was recieved in 2002
and the second in 2005. Maserati Factory The Maserati Headquarters has been based in Modena since 1940. When the factory was first established it was built on 26 000m² but since has gradually extended to over 40 000m². The Maserati symbol, a trident, has been placed on top of its headquarters where it can be seen from anywhere in Modena.

The Italian town of Modena is both a town and
a provence. It is located in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy and is in the middle of the Po Valley. It is one of the highest developed areas and most advanced cities of Europe.

Modena is well known for being the home of Maserati (a manufacturer of racing cars) as well as being the birth place of Luciano Pavarotti (the famous operatic tenor).

Modena is famous for its artistic and cultural landmarks. Its town centre is made up of arcades, Churches and Palaces and tourists visit there to enjoy its art, food, architecture, entertainment, wine and cars.
MODENA Historical Background
Modena was founded by the Celts
in the 3rd Century B.C. It later
became a part of the Roman Empire
and a major agricultural centre. It was invaded by the Barbarians in the 4th and 5th century. In the 9th Century it was encircled by walls, which protected the city throughout the Middle Ages.

In the 11th century the city became a free municipality. In the 12th and 13th Centuries, Modena was involved in many important political issues including the War between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines and the defeat of Fossalta. In the 14th Century, it was ruled over by many different families including
the d’Este family and the Gonzagas. The D’Este family again ruled from
1796 until 1814. Then the city was governed by Francis IV and Francis V
of the Austria-Este family until 1859. In 1861, when the d’Este sovereignity finally came to its decline, Modena became part of the Kingdom of Italy.
Today, the Italian Military Academy is located in Modena, where Italian officers are trained. It is also when the Italian Archbishop has his residence. Hotel Europa Hotel Europa is located 150 metres from the Modena Train Station and is only a 5 minute walk from Modena's Historic Centre. It is also only a short walk away from well known landmarks like Duomo Cathedral and Modena Ghirlandina Cathedral.
The hotel offers a gym, a sauna and keeps its front desk open 24-hours in case there is anything you need.

At Hotel Europa you can get a double room for $90 per night. Hotel Astor is located 2.5km away from Modena's city centre. There is also a bus stop 150 metres from the hotel which travels to Modena's centre and also to the Railway Station.

You can get a double room at Hotel Astor for $94 per night. Palazzo Ducale The Palazzo Ducale was built in 1634 and is one of the most important palaces of the seventeenth century. It was built where the castle of Este once stood.
The Palace is now where all the recruits of the Military Academy live. Saporiamo Antica Trattoria Cervetta Saporiamo is a traditional pasta restaurant specialising in a variety of meals with the favourite being Ravioli filled with squash.
It is recommended that even if you don't want to eat at Saporiamo that you visit there anyway because it's "worth a look". Antica Trattoria Cervetta is located in the middle of Modena's city centre and is a part of the Hotel Cervetta. Their menu is changed every month however their main specialities are always included. The Teatro Comunale of Modena is a Community Theatre. The theatre took 3 years to build and opened on 2nd October, 1841. At the time it was said that it was built “for the decoration of the city and the transmission of the performing arts”. It takes up an area of over 2300m². It is dedicated to music concerts, opera and ballet. In 2007, after the death of Luciano Pavarotti it was renamed Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti in dedication of his memory. The Teatro Comunale Modena Covered Market The Modena Covered Markets are food markets where the locals go in the morning to buy their fresh produce. Each section of the market sells different types of food, such as pasta, meat, fish and vegetables. You can also buy balsamic vinegar, wine and cheese.
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