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Hurricane Katrina

No description

Scott Roesch

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina
Complex Structures and Confusing Goals
The systems in place to respond to disasters are as complex as the intergovernmental structures tasked with action. Disaster response in the United States, according to Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen, is based on a system of “cascading failures.” Disaster response is addressed first at the local level; if the problem proves too big or difficult for local governments, state government is called in. If the state government is in turn overwhelmed, the national government steps in with its significant resources. The key, however, is that responsibility moves up the chain only as lower levels fail in their response.

Lack of Professionalism
Emails-Caught up...
Michael Brown's email messages were requested by a congressional house committee in 2005 to investigate the federal government's handling of the Katrina disaster.
Controversy arose when the approximately 1,000 e-mail messages between Brown, staff and acquaintances were released. Several of Michael Brown's emails display an arguable lack of professionalism in his duties.
On the day Katrina struck, Brown wrote "Can I quit now? Can I go home?" He later quipped to a friend on September 2 that he could not meet her because he was "trapped [as FEMA head] ... please rescue me."; and at another time "If you'll look at my lovely FEMA attire, you'll really vomit. I am a fashion god." An e-mail offering critical medical equipment went unanswered for four days.[45]
Over 20 Thousand evacuees stayed here for almost a week.
It was one of the only places dry above rising waters.
El Hotel Super Dome!
Joe Allbaugh was Bush's campaign Manager, he hired his good friend Michael Brown to be the FEMA Director. Neither of them had any experience in Emergency Preparedness & Response.
President Bush and Michael Brown
The Levees failed
When they broke millions of gallons of water filled up the bowel city in a matter of hours.
Lack of Funding
There is a flood Coming!!!!
HARRP Weather control?? Weapon used by China or Russia??
Ignoring Recomendations???
FEMA director Michael Brown
The Army Corps of engineers responsible for upkeep on levees stated they requested funding for repairs and maintenance but only received a small percentage from congress.
Only logical explanation, Katrina was set up for failure before it happened. They had a unqualified FEMA director. Didn't recommend evacuation til last minute. Levees broke because they were not built to code.

Or is this actually President OBAMAS FAULT??

February 14 2014
He left a federal courthouse a convict Wednesday, after a jury found him guilty of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and other favors from businessmen looking for a break from his administration. Of the 21 counts against him, he was convicted of 20.
Ray Nagin
Former Mayor
New Orleans

He didn't
Recommend E-vac
Until the last
possible moment

What really Happened?
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