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My digital storytelling e-Portfolio

No description

Esther G.

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of My digital storytelling e-Portfolio

Digital Literacy and Citizenship
In this module I learned how to create Acceptable Use Policies for parents and students. This document is very important because it includes important information, such as which digital tools will be used, what identity protection measures are in place, and the consequences for improper behavior.
I also discovered how to make online safety activities to protect students.
My favorite Tool...
My favorite tool is ANIMOTO because you can create and share extraordinary videos of your life.
Storytelling with mobile devices
In this module we learned about webtools and applications we can use on our mobile devices. We evaluated the use of mobile devices for creating stories. We also made "I Can card" to help our learners understand how to do an activity with a mobile app.
The task I enjoyed the most...
The activity I enjoyed the most was: "Organize a collaborative digital story" because you can engage your partners/students with the task from the very beginning. We also work on learning new vocabulary and new structures and revise others. Padlet.
Sharing Stories Through Comics
Video Storytelling

In this module I became familiar with web tools to create video stories. I also learned how to create/produce video stories with animation tools that include images, audio, music, transitions, subtitles, effects and animations. It is important to design a video-making lesson plan that includes steps and tasks before students get into making the video.

Collaborative Storytelling
In this module we were introduced to collaborative web tools that can be used for writing stories in a collaborative way. I discovered Padlet, a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. We also evaluated some collaborative projects. I did my evaluation on The Lunch Box Project.
Acceptable Use Policy Form
Online Safety Activity
Creating an Avatar with "Voki"
Short Film Storyboard
Evaluating web based apps
"Google Drive"
I Can Card
Collaborative Chain Story
Global Project Evaluation: The Lunchbox Project with "PREZI"
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

Esther González Cantero
In this module I learned about creating an avatar with Voki to represent one’s virtual image. Avatars help keep students’ identities safe.
I also discovered a lot of Webtools to create comic strips and short stories. They are useful because students use them to express their emotions, especially when they are experiencing stressful situations.
Video Editing Scenes with
Comic that represents my emotions with "Make Beliefs Comix"
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