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Gender Identity Disorder

No description

Miho Nakanishi

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Gender Identity Disorder

Gender Identity Disorder
/Transexuality in Japan Gender Identity Disorder(GID)
is a disorder in which a person...
who is discontent with their gender
feels as though they should have been born the opposite sex of their biological sex. Japan doesn't classify GID as a mental disorder... GID=Homosexuality ?? GID and transsexuality are completely different from
homosexuality!!! LOVE? Homosexuality:
When a man falls in love with
another man or a woman falls
in love with another woman.
Not all homosexuals have GID & not all transsexuals are homosexuals. Just like any other person,
people with GID can have
any sexual orientation. The law of ID In 2003, a law was formed in which people
with GID can legally change their gender &
name if they meet the proper requirement.
These requirements depend on the individual
and varies case by case. Despite this law,there is still
much discrimination & misunderstanding of people with GID.

Job oppotunity It can be difficult for transsexuals to find
work as employers can refuse to hire them
or fire them because of their disorder. In 2002, a company fired a man
with GID because he identified as a female
and wore women's clothing at work.
The man charged the company for discrimination
in a court of law, and fortunately won the lawsuit. http://www.47news.jp/CN/200206/CN2002062001000419.html in public Ataru Nakamura
She continues to be popular despite her gender identity.
She was born a male, but transitioned into a female. kinpachi-sensei(Mr. Kinpachi) Kinpachi-sensei, a drama-series about a secondary school teacher,
decided to portray a character with GID in 2001 which gained national
In the programme, a student ( the left ) is alienated by her peers
because she identifies as male, Mr Kinpachi teaches his class about the
subject. Horo Musuko(wondering son) The main characters of the series are an effeminate
young boy and a tomboyish girl in primary school
who come to realise that they were born the wrong
gender. Current issues Some argue that the concept of gender is purely socially and
cultually constructed, and if societie's gender roles are
removed, the problem will be fixed.
However, this is not the reality and the internal conflict within
the sufferers of GID still persists.
In order to prevent forms of discrimination from happening, the
general public needs to be educated about transsexuality and GID. Gender Violence Gender violence has become a phenomenon unseen for decades, one of the clearest manifestations of inequality, subordination and power relations of men over women. The finding of this situation, marked a before and after the legal and social consideration of the rights and freedoms of women.

In fact, in 1980, the Second World Conference on Status of Women, stated that violence against women is more muted crime in the world. They were getting divorced
He had a complaint and restraining order
Earlier criminal record for abusing this woman July 2010 Asesinada una mujer de 37 años por su expareja en MálagaEl supuesto homicida, que tenía una orden de alejamiento, asestó un hachazo a la víctimaF. J. P. - Málaga - 15/02/2011 Una mujer de 37 años, de nombre Susana, ha fallecido esta mañana en plena calle Villafuerte, en la barriada malagueña de El Palo como consecuencia de un hachazo que le ha asestado su expareja, un hombre de 41, según fuentes policiales. El supuesto homicida tenía una orden de alejamiento de la víctima, según ha informado Gema del Corral, directora del área de la Mujer del Ayuntamiento de Málaga. Tanto la víctima como el supuesto agresor, que comparten un hijo, son de nacionalidad española.El suceso ha ocurrido sobre las 9.30, cuando la mujer regresaba de dejar en el colegio a sus hijos. Tras perpetrar el crimen, el agresor, que portaba un hacha y un cuchillo, fue retenido por varios vecinos, que lo han increpado hasta la llegada de la policía. Residentes en la zona han asegurado a Efe que el detenido llevaba "varios días" rondando el domicilio de la fallecida, en la misma zona del este de Málaga.De confirmarse que se trata de un caso de violencia doméstica, se trataría de la undécima mujer que fallece a manos de su pareja o expareja en lo que va de año en España y la cuarta en Andalucía, según la estadística de la Delegación del Gobierno para la Violencia de Género. Spain - not the worst country
Nordic countries
- Finland and Sweden
"less sexist but excessive consume of toxic substances"

40 - 50% of women in Finland, Sweden and Germany have experieced violence by a man 11 Cases 2011
7 in relationship
between 41 and 50 years old
3 attempted suicide, 2 succeded
only 1 had complained Gender Violence Spain 2011
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