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Matt Wingfield

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Sociology_ACJ_Nationals_Pilot

For more information please contact:
People are good at:
Relative Judgements;
Ranking work.

People are less good at:
Absolute Judgements, e.g. Scoring.
People & Assessment
The result:
reduced assessment reliability; and
increased inconsistency.
Illustrating the issue...
Measuring without subjectivity – adaptive scaling without needing scores;

Based on The Law of Comparative Judgement (1927);
A different approach...
Comparative Judgements
TAG has created a web-based ADAPTIVE comparative judgement solution for assessing student work...
Adaptive Comparative Judgment
Student A
Student B
The system runs successive 'rounds' of judgement to order the work in rank order...
ACJ - behind the scenes
Resulting in a secure, reliable rank order that has been generated through collective Professional Consensus...

Which can then be graded/scored.
Reduced inconsistency; and
Increased reliability (typically 0.93 – 0.98).
The result...turns traditional assessment on its head!
The assessment problem:
Typically as low as 0.5-0.6
An innovative approach to
assessment and standardisation

Aileen Duffy
College Development Network

Matt Wingfield
Managing Director
TAG Assessment

Our Customers: Institutions & Agencies
Our Customers: Accreditation Bodies
Matt Wingfield
Managing Director, TAG Assessment
e-mail: matt.wingfield@tagassessment.com
Tel: 0203 176 0394
Aileen Duffy
Advisor, College Development Network
e-mail: Aileen.Duffy@collegedevelopmentnetwork.ac.uk
Tel: 07920 824 793

Presentation at: http://tinyurl.com/ACJ-Nationals
The Pilot:
Focus on short-answer and essay responses;
To inform assessment options for Nationals & Highers;
HN Sociology was chosen as the focus;
Six Colleges took park:
Edinburgh College;
Dundee and Angus College;
(Dundee & Angus Colleges)
North East Scotland College;
(Aberdeen, Banff & Buchan)
Ayrshire College;
Scope of Pilot:
Pilot run over 2 month period;
Each college contributed scanned hand-written scripts – 72 in total, which were then assessed by the group;
Sample included 'open' & 'closed' book responses;
Scripts pre-marked using traditional criterion referenced markschemes to provide direct comparison to ACJ.
Results and Conclusion:
A total of 12 'Rounds of Judgement' were completed;
Each judgement took an average of 2.42 mins;
Achieved an assessment reliability coefficient of 0.96;
However, 0.95 reliability achieved after just 8 'rounds';
Judges reaction was very positive;
Saw huge potential for the Nationals & Highers assessment & standardisation.
Where next?
Currently progressing a national pilot to run in two phases from June & September-December 2014;
Focus on capturing & assessing 'creativity';
College Development Network;
Creative Scotland;
Education Scotland; and
Aiming to include 13 school/college/ CLD/Industry partnerships for the pilot.
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