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Exercise Training Principles (Intro)

KIN 416 - Berry College - Dept. of Kinesiology

David Elmer

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Exercise Training Principles (Intro)

Basic Principles of Training
Place the body (or a particular part of the body) under slightly greater stress than it is used to
Body (or body part) responds attempting to adapt to be able to handle that amount of stress in the future
Adaptations are specific to the stress placed on the body
muscles used
speed of movement
range of motion
energy systems used
intensity, volume, and duration
not just important for sports
overload required for adaptation!
changing the stress placed on the body
because you need to overload the body, but the body keeps adapting...
can be done a variety of ways:
100 & 200m gold
400m gold
800m gold
1500m gold
5000m & 10,000m gold
Usain Bolt
Kirani James
David Rudisha
Taoufik Makhloufi
Mo Farah
General adaptation syndrome
smallpox "eradicated" in 1979
Edward Jenner smallpox vaccination, 1796
why do you have to get a flu shot every year?
1. shock/alarm phase
2. resistance phase
3. exhaustion phase
these two moderate/restrain each other
"You just have to develop strength, power, acceleration, and technique... bunny hops, box jumps, bounding, cable knee drives, hanging leg raises..."
"I'll spend a week [doing] high-altitude training... if I'm a few seconds off they'll run blood tests... I use an underwater treadmill... I sleep in a high-altitude tent..."
only 1 person has ever won gold in both the 400m and the 800m
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