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Hotel Management Solution

WinHMS Is the Hotel Software system created by winsar infosoft. It covers all the hotel management operations such as front office, back office, HO and corporate operations. WinHMS is bench marked to international standard, http://www.winsarinfo.com

Jasmin Ali

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Hotel Management Solution

WinHMS- Overview
Our Clients
Winsar Worked with all major hotels from small to large hotels. Some of our major clients are below.
WinHMS Positioning
1. WinHMS covers all operational areas of hospitality Industry

Front Office Operations
Back Office Operations
HO and Corporate Operations

2. Best price in the industry

3. Best Technological support

WinHMS Express- Small Hotels and small hospitality organization
WinHMS professionals - Medium Hotels and Resorts
WinHMS Enterprise- Large Hotels and Chained hotels
More visit
Over All Hotel Managemet Solution
Winsar Provides an over all hotel management solution to all hotels and other hospitality companies.

We worked with more than 2000 clients all over the world.
WinHMS Features
-Web based and Desk based management System

- Best Price in the industry

- Over all hotel management support such as front office, back office, Corporate and HO

- One server and one database for all the software

- User friendly, Easy installation and training
Other Hotel Software
WinHMS- Resort Management
WinHMS- Spa Management
WinHMS- Club Management
WinHMS- Golf Management
WinHMS- Central Reservation System
WinHMS- Booking Engine
WinHMS- E-commerce Management
WinHMS- Feedback System
WinHMS- Point of Sale System
WinHMS- Channel Manager
WinHMS- Central MIS and More...

Our Major Products
1. Property Management Software

WinHMS Express
WinHMS Professional
WinHMS Enterprise

2. Hotel Reservation Software

WinHMS Booking engine
WinHMS Channel Manager

We named our Product WinHMS, We have list of Winhms software for all hotel management areas.

WinGOLF and More
Property Mangement Software
1. WinHMS Express:

It helps small hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hotel company

2. WinHMS Professional:

This helps all medium hotels and resorts for their hotel operation management

3. WinHMS Enterprise:

This Provides total support to all large hotels and international hotel chains.
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