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UL2A 1100208054 Ryan Yang

No description

Ryan Yang

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of UL2A 1100208054 Ryan Yang

The types of sleeping gesture in class This is one of my best friends, Johnson. You see, he quite enjoyed sleeping during our senior high classes. Advanced Levels Sleep as LEGEND ! These are the basic forms of sleeping gestures we've seen commonly in the class. BASIC FORMS Generally speaking, students tend to show their tiredness in some SPECIAL WAYS of sleeping. EPIC !! In these cases, it seems not just sleeping in class anymore. That's a true friendship , right ?

Misery loves COMPANY.

Prepare to be FAILED ! Sleeping in the class...... LIKE A BOSS ! This is not just sleeping in class anymore ,when it comes to a pillow showing up on the table...... I am not tired , I just
want to SLEEP!! Most of us do so when we are really
bored at listening to the teachers' sayings. This is quite classic gesture for those
students who need to take more rest
during the class. But somehow it may
PISS OFF your teachers, too. This is my favorite and epic gesture
when I was in my junior high
school time. It wouldn't show
my distraction from the class
because I still face at the teacher. With the strong beliefs in Gods,
everything seems possible doing
this kind of gesture. Now this type of sleeping gesture
can give you a reason why you
want to sleep in class. I think if you do this sleeping gesture
in front of your teacher, you may
give your teacher a strong impression. He is my senior high classmate. Louis was spotted ! Thanks for your watching.
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