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Peter Richardson

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of GUINNESS Prezi

Twitter is used for promotions

Not used as a communication medium with public
Social Media
Worldwide Facebook likes
Direct references include:
- Friends*
- Family*
- Social class
- Selected subcultures
- Ones own culture
Reference Groups

Indirect references include:
- Celebrities
- Experts
- Spokespersons

Irish Facebook likes
Why individuals are influenced by groups:

- Cohesiveness

- Expertise of group

- Perceived attractiveness

- Need to be liked

Understanding the consumer’s everyday wants and needs is known as lifestyle marketing

Guinness will have the best marketers who observe how people choose to spend their time, and through their consumption can see how their values, attitudes and opinions are reflected.

Guinness have taken advantage of many trends in our lifestyle, such as searching for good deals; through its new app Guinness

Word of Mouth
Group Dynamics

Your brand is what other people say about it when you are not in the room

(T. Liberecht, 2012)

Ways to control the loss of control
Give control over price+design to consumers
Transaction→ Interaction
Actively support community
'Don’t buy'

**More consumers spread info about bad experiences than good ones**

Another trend in lifestyle is enjoying the simple things in life, Guinness has adapted to this trend through its amazing advertisements. Making ordinary things amazing!
*69% ask opinion of friends/family (WSL, 2013)
Hanna Johari
Joshua Caswell
Craig Chu
Harry Kennedy
Richard Rowe
Peter Richardson
Paul O'Shea
Kealan Flynn
Jamie McAviney
Padraic O'Hanrahan

1. Develop an advertising campaign and/or social campaign to promote Guinness to a female audience.

1 in 2 pints consumed in Ireland every day is a pint of Guinness

Guinness is the biggest selling stout in the world with 10 million pints being sold every day in 150 countries.

Research, issued by Aviva Health Insurance to mark Alcohol Awareness Month, showed men spend significantly more than women, at €2,395 and €1,607 respectively.

There is approximately 198 calories in a pint of Guinness - less than a pint of orange juice
Guinness use promotions very successfully online, through apps and in bars and nightclubs
Arthur's Day promotions
Arthur Guinness Project
Arthur Guinness Fund
Giveaways, free trips, free pints etc.
Launch a Pinterest* / Social media campaigns targeting a female audience
Use more hashtags
Publicity from the Guinness private jet trip

On their Facebook, Guinness constantly
promote their brand through;
Pictures of perfect looking pints
Current connection with Irish rugby
Quirky statuses that promote their brand
Currently, women make up about 82% of active users on Pinterest, according to Google Ad Planner.

As a general trend, women engage more on most social sites, including on Facebook and Twitter. Comscore says women are the majority of social networking users, and spend 30% more time on sites than men. Mobile social network usage is 55% female, according to Nielsen.
Another tactic for successful marketing on Pinterest and other social consumption sites involves creating an environment that fosters positive associations with a company, rather than directly selling products and services.

Social media, and particularly marketing via social media, seem to be very influenced by the old mantra: Ladies first.

Women are about five times as likely to be on Pintest as men, the largest difference in gender of any social media site.
Public policy makers seek to determine what motivates people to buy such deviant goods as drugs cigarettes and alcohol.

In our case the need is Hedonic – an experiential need, involving emotional responses or fantasies.

Hedonic consumption refers to needs of consumers to use products and services to create fantasies, gain freedom through the senses and to obtain emotional arousal.
2. Create social media awareness around cooking and baking with Guinness. Have a social media competition for the best Guinness recipe and aim to get the hash tag #cookwithguinness trending.

3. Use social media to communicate more effectively

Actively respond to social media communications
Actively respond to social media communications
Facts on women and social media
We found out what the women around DIT thought of Guinness
It was seen as too masculine!

Ads were good but not directed towards Women

Some have proposed that women are simply more socially inclined than men, the posited difference being that men generally view social media as a tool — a means to gain information or access entertainment — while women more often use it to interact with others and build a community online.

Businesses use two primary marketing tactics to target women on Pinterest. The first, and perhaps most straightforward, is to use the platform to exhibit items or services that traditionally appeal to women.
(Martin, James. 2013)
Martin, J. (2013). Lucky British drinkers fly Guinness class to Dublin. from http://www.irishpost.co.uk/life-style/lucky-british-drinkers-fly-guinness-class-to-dublin
Bord Bia (2012). Simple Pleasures. Consumer Lifestyle Trends – 2012
Bord Bia (2012). The context of today's consumer. Consumer Lifestyle Trends – 2012

Thank you
for Listening
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