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Leadership and Employability


on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Leadership and Employability

Steph Archer, Niki Aresti, Emily Martin, Sophie McNally and Steph Williams Company Overview Owned by Whitbread who also own companies such as Premier Inn.
Currently market leader but counts Starbucks and Cafe Nero as biggest competitors.
Promotions support their high pricing strategy and ideas about COSTA being premium, employing the best staff and using thorough methods of making the products. Corporate reputation “Corporate reputation is the overall estimation in which a company is held by its constituents. A corporate reputation represents the ‘net’ affective or emotional reaction – good or bad, weak or strong – of customers, investors, employees and the general public to the company’s name”
(Fombrun, 1996, p. 9) Mission Statement “To save the world from mediocre coffee” (Costa 2012) Corporate Social Responsibility Coffee beans sourced from Rainforest Alliance farms, All Costa Coffee sold in the UK and internationally is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ (Costa, 2012)
Recyclable cups made using only certified sustainable pulp and vegetable, instead of oil-based, ink. (Costa, 2012)
Costa Foundation (Costa, 2012)
However Costa Coffee is regarded as the least sustainable of the trio according to a consumer survey conducted for the report, which covered only 102 respondents. Relational influences Corporate Marketing Mix- 6 C's Starbucks fail to block internet porn: free wi-fi in its cafés put youngsters at risk.

Google, Starbucks and Amazon to face MPs over tax avoidance Costa in the Press Advantages and Disadvantages of managing Corporate Reputation ADVANTAGES
Financial performance
Shareholder value
Distinctiveness and competitiveness
Employee satisfaction
Compliance v regulation
Can act as a safeguard in times of adversity

Time consuming
Ruined easily Good Corporate Reputation Fombrun, C.J. (1996). Key forces influencing Costa Coffees reputation ACID Test Based on Balmer & Greyser (2002) Current Strategies and Recommendations Nelsoin & Kanso's 2008 Internal and external influences
on corporate reputation Reccomendation Corporate Reputation Chain Davies et al, 2003, p76 Relational Influences Employee Relationships
Skill development
Job opportunities
Staff Incentive schemes Enhance Costa social media strategy
Get a tick on Twitter to give integrity
Number of 'Likes' Facebook
Social Media campaigns
Features- Store locator, top up, create your own drink, menu browsing
Loss of control from franchising so they need to provide stricter guidelines/focus on extra training/ mystery shopping to ensure consistency. Reputational Gaps
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