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Sophia Carson

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Castles

Castles were built to be the highest point around, so if there was a hill the castle would go on top of it. An interesting fact is the castles were always built with spiral staircases that turned clockwise.
First Castles
The first castles were made out of mud and wood, but wood would burn so around 1100 B.C. people switched to using stone. Lords would rule their local land and all of the people who lived in there.In order to defend themselves they built their homes as large castles in the center of the land they owned.
Places in the Castle
The interior of a castle contains The Keep, a storage space for food, and the last line of defense in the castle. The Great Hall is a place to feast and meet the noble during formal occasions.
Moats and guards
A series of raised walls were to separate the moat from the actual castle. These noble built castles to control the area immediately surrounding then, and were both offensive and defensive structure.
YouTube video
Castles were primly built during the wars of late Middle Ages for the propose of protection. Often times attaching armies would wait outside and try to starve out the castle dwellers rather than attach them. This was called siege.
By; Sophia Carson
Protection and Attaches
Spiral Stairs
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