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sales 2013

No description

Mike Boughey

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of sales 2013

Territory and region 30 visits for regular accounts What Next... Sales Presentation Plan
2013 Mike Boughey Goals Set Goals for 2012 Sales Sales 1.5m - Target 2.2m Norbain down 300k The Numbers What Worked Attention to existing accounts

Build Relationships - don't sell

Make friends with Distributors

Use Advantage line as door opener

Stick to what I know

Use resources Things that could have gone better Knowing the products

Missing tools

Wasting time with smaller installers Account management and profiling Get to know my customers

Become a better account manager

Meet Targets

Improve product knowledge

Implement and maintain data base/seibel Similarity between Bosch & top customers? ADT B'ham
Richards Turn over several million Two types of customer Advantage Line Higher End Similar to Bosch

Probably no more than 30 in area

More account management

Project based business

More Loyal Smaller companies

New customers / Door opener

Driven by price

More maintenance

Less loyal Spend less time with these but useful when required. Customers I want more of! Birmingham Cardiff Top 20 15 visits for new customers Around 45 visits a month 70% West midlands 30% South wales Be more proactive around planning visits Thanks for Listening Any Questions? The most important thing about goals is having one.
- Geoffry F. Abert My goal 2'100'000 A goal without a plan is just a wish.
- Antoine de Saint This presentation is my plan Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...
John Lennon Everyone has a plan - until they get punched in the face. - Mike Tyson Don't get punched in the face Last but not least..... The story so far 2012 This could be... Turn Over 2 million+ Have 50 + Staff Have Accreditation's Words of Wisdom All CCTV installers
Nacoss (146)
Internet Spend 200k + on CCTV Trained Engineers Nacoss, SSAIB Left with... Target customers
Suitable for Partnership with Bosch
Possible BSSD's Over the next 12 months More direct accounts 4 More BSSD Partners Independent Distributors Project Pipeline Have 50 staff or more Accreditations Longevity Higher End of the Market Good Credit Jaguar Land rover 50k BCU 2 132k Longbridge 40k Academies 50k Quote bank over 2 million Lyrico



Technical Services

SiteWatch Ilford Rail150k Project Jo Jo 78k SouthWater 150k Telford & Wrekin 73k Project Pluto 138k Riverwalk 121k AHYC Optilan 220k Broadmoor 470k NIA 50k GBE Sheffield Market 70k Leicester UNI 50k Worcester Uni 50k Westfield shopping 70k Client Organization chart
Tony Edways
Paul Devison
Kathy Value Delivered to Client
To have a well known and respected brand (Bosch) associated with them and a point of contact to support them with projects and quotes. Actions
Update on Products (maybe demo van) Financial Forescast STRATEGIC ACCOUNT BUSINESS PLAN
Powersafe Date 20.04.12

Document Objective
The purpose of this plan is to document information about the account in a single document and to identify opportunities for a long-term relationship
with the client that will bring in continuous sales opportunities.

Account Background
Powersafe have been a long tern user at Bosch they are also a Bosch BSSD partner. More recently the business has dwindled
due to lack of support from Bosch.

To win back trust and and get them to feel like a partner again.

Client Profile
To be the number one integrator for security and fire in there region. Between 10 and 20 employees.
Nacoss Installer, Flur Partner, Paxton Partner
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