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Fahrenheit 451 Webquest

No description

Rachel Cravens

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 Webquest

Fahrenheit 451 Webquest
Nazi Book Burning
McCarthyism and Black listing in Hollywood
12. The people in favor are multiple senators, concerned parents, law-enforcement agents, certain groups, and parents.

13. They are in favor b/c of the studies that have conducted that some people who play violent video games have more violent emotions when playing violent games and parents want their children looking at appropriate things.

14. The people opposed are the people that have seen studies that do not prove a link between violence from violent video games...aka. children.

15. They are opposed b/c they see video games as harmless forms of entertainment and chilren want to do what they want.

16. I'm on the opposing side because they are harmless to most people.
Historical Censorship discussion
The burning of H.L. and N.R.

1. They were burned at the stake b/c they wouldn't accept the Roman Catholic mass as a sacrifice of Christ and supported the Protestant religion.

2. Latimer was confident that they were doing the right thing b/c their certain faith towards the Protestant religion and their will to keep teaching it through preaching.

3. It would be important to remind people of this history b/c it was a very peaceful rebellion; it could influence future rebellions, if any.
4. The images might have inspired him to write F451 b/c it shows censorship by burning targeted "un-German" books.

5. It happened as a campaign conducted by the German Student Union to ceremonially burn books in Nazi Germany by classical liberal, Communist, Jewish, etc.

6. It is possible, but it would be very similar to WWII all over again.

7. It might have inspired him to write F451 b/c of its significance in history.
8. It happened b/c the HUAC and Joseph McCarthy were convinced that the Communist Party had been manipulating films in Hollywood to display subliminal messages that show Communism in a positive light

9. It happened in the 1950s.

10. It could happen again, but very unlikely b/c it wouldn't be publicized very much.

11. It might have inspired him to of his association with the entertainment business as an author.

Warning Labels on CDs
This is a good form of censorship b/c it allows parents to have a little more control what their kids are listening to.
The V-Chip & Movie Ratings
This is also a good form of censorship b/c it regulates who can and can't watch a certain movies/videos. For example, a 5 yr old doesn't need to watch a movie about gang violence.
Book Banning
This is a good form of censorship, but it has some bad qualities b/c most people don't randomly choose books. Plus, adult books aren't going to be around children's book most likely, but in this case censorship is helpful.
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