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John Burgoyne

No description

Ryan Talada

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of John Burgoyne

What was he Famous For?
John Burgoyne was a british general who presented a new plan for victory to help the British conquer New York in the American Revolutionary War.
Life After the Revolution
After the Revolution, he went to England, and after the loss, nobody liked him, and they were mean, and they picked on him.
John Burgoyne was born on Feb. 24, 1722, and he died on Aug. 4, 1792.
Born in Sutton, Bedfordshire at the age of ten, Burgoyne attended the Westminister school, as did many British army officers. John was athletic and outgoing and he enjoyed school where he made many numerous important friends. In April 1745, Burgoyne joined the newly raised 1st Royal Dragoons. His mom and dads name was Anna Marie Burgoyne, and his dad, well, Captain John Burgoyne.
John Burgoyne
Three facts about John Burgoyne:
1. John Burgoyne's nickname is " Gentleman Johnny."
2. He was the eldest son in the family.
3. He was a British general.
Role In The Revolution
John Burgoyne's role in the revolution was to be a British Army Officer.
Character Trait
One of John's character trait is that he was very intelligent. My proof that he is intelligent is that he entered the army at the age of 15!
By: Ryan Talada
The Dates
He was also a LOYALIST
Family Life
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