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candy icecream

on 3 April 2013

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Ella Enchanted BOOK REPORT A movie trailer Why I choose this book I choose this book because I have always loved it I fist read it when I was in grade five. I have read it 4 more times since. Before getting it from the library what really caught my attention was the author and its title. Gail Carson Levine has always been in the first five people on my favorite author list. As a small kid i have always enjoyed books including magic, secret worlds and books that have at least one death its not like i want them to die but if a story is sad I'll totally check it out. Ella enchanted fits this description completely i love this book!! Ella of Frell Ella is a girl who unfortunately is given the gift of obedience by the fairy Lucinda. This spells doom for the life of Ella because she has to obey anything that she is told to do, even to the point of killing herself or another mortal. throughout the story Ella shows courage, determination and a good will. Ella is a very strong and good-hearted
character Connections to relationships
(humanity) and the world This book is another version of the fairytale Cinderella. The story takes place in a town known as frell this town is not labeled on a real map but is in a place called fairytale land in this land their are ogres, gnomes, elves and many other mythical creatures. On earth such creatures are only known in fairy tales like Ella enchanted. the end Faiza TP7 Hope you live happily ever after :) In the story ellas mother dies at an old age and so her father marries an evil stepmother so he can be rich again. In reality/the real world people sometimes still do this but it is very rare usually when a person begins to get poor in the real world he or she just takes a loan from the bank and keeps on doing his until his home is snatched away from him. Connections to relationships
(humanity) and the world
Most things in this fairytale are like the real world (except for a few conditions), but some things are exactly the same if only a few things that are different for example frell is ruled by a king but now a days most countries are democratic but in frell it was if you re the son of the king youre to be the next king situation Connections to relationships
(humanity) and the world
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