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Transcript of B.Y.O.D

A look into the future
By: Danasha, Ellie, Victoria, Lia, and Adrienne
Hello! My name is Beyonce and I'm a student at Sunshine E.S. Most students in my school participate in B.Y.O.D (bring your own device). I think that it is an issue because people distract me a lot when I am trying to focus and get my work done.I also don't have my own device and I think it's unfair when everyone else is using their own device and I have nothing to use.
Personal problems
I really find it annoying when my
classmates who are on their devices
are being obnoxiously loud. Sometimes
they play games or watch videos when
others are trying to focus on their work.
Other times they chat about the things
they are looking at and it distracts me.
A big distraction
Oh no, my friends are
using their devices and I feel totally left out. All I have is nothing! I wish I had my own device so that I can interact with
my friends. They seem to be having so much fun.
I can imagine if I had a device. On the good side I will be able to relate to my friends and we could all do stuff together and I won't feel left out. On the bad side, I might become too caught up in social media and I could get distracted from my
school work.
Did you know that four out of five teens (17 million) carry a wireless device.In conclusion, I think that teachers should continue
letting their students use their device, but they should just have to ask before they use it. They should also provide devices to those without devices.

It meets the criteria of an issue. That's because it is a serious problem, there is no easy solution and it is possible and needed, and it also impacts a lot of people's lives.
Criteria of an issue
Student's perspective
I understand that I personally think this is an issue, but other children might disagree. Other students who have devices might enjoy using them and find them useful.
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