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Welcome to the MagLab

No description

Kristin Roberts

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the MagLab

A Closer Look at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
What is the MagLab?
The only facility of its kind in the United States, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is the largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory in the world.
Ion Cyclotron Resonance
Used for analyzing complex chemical mixtures

Crude Oil - 40,000 components

ICR can pick out trace amounts
in mixtures down to a billionth of
a gram

New World Record 21 Tesla Magnet
What do scientists do with the magnets?
Welcome to the MagLab
Established in 1990
3 locations: Tallahassee, Gainesville & Los Alamos, NM
Home to employees from 50 countries
Scientists and Engineers don't just use magnets, they make the magnets we use

The World's Most Powerful Magnet - 45 Tesla Hybrid
Flagship Magnets
Hybrid - Resistive/Superconducting
3 stories tall
Weighs 35 tons (as much as 8 elephants)
Operates at -456 degrees F
Uses 4,000 gallons of water per minute
Needs 33 megawatts to run (=power for nearly 20,000 homes)
900 MHz Ultra-Wide Bore NMR Magnet
Flagship Magnets
World's Strongest MRI
Hospital MRI = 3 tesla
Superconducting magnet
Weight 40 tons
Operates at -456.61 degrees
95 miles of superconducting cable
Ultra-wide bore - size of orange

Tesla is a unit of magnetic field

- A refrigerator magnet is .03 tesla
- A junkyard magnet is about 2 tesla
- An MRI magnet is around 3 tesla
Magnets Study Materials

Graphene - discovered in 2004
Carbon-based material
Stronger than steel, but lightweight
Conducts electricity and heat
Transparent - can see through it with no glare
Possible future uses include
batteries/fuel cells
flexible or transparent displays

Magnets Study Energy
Magnets Study Life
- Oil analysis
- From natural products - pine needles or algae
- Lithium Ion Battery/battery or fuel cell
Understanding diseases:
- Cancer
- Alzheimer’s Disease
- Traumatic Brain Injuries
- Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
- Parkinson’s
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