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Lean, agile ...

No description

Tommi Lehto

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Lean, agile ...

What is waste?
Everything not adding value to the customer
If there is a way to do without it, it is waste Extra Features
Partially Done Work
Extra Processes
Task Switching
Waiting 7 Types of waste Lean, agile and crafmanship in custom software development Standish group study 2002 Fast feedback
Crossfunctional teams
Maintain culture of constant improvement
Common ownership of solution
Teach problem-solving techniques http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_solving#Problem-solving_techniques Pair design
Pair programming
Continuous integration
Information radiators
Sprint reviews
Early release Amplify learning Retropects
Trend analysis Schedule inversible decisions at the last responsiple moment
Break dependencies
Set based development Deliver fast Pulling system
Work in small bacthes
Limit work to capasity
Focus on cycletime, not utilization
Minimize work-in-progress
Automate routines Empower the team Self organizing
Move responsibility and decision making to the lowest possible level
Foster pride
People <> Resources Build integrity in Syncronize
Automate (testing, deploying, analysis ...)
Test first approach
Refactor See the whole Focus on entire value stream
Deliver complete solution Lean tools Value stream mapping
Batch reduction
Inventory reduction
Poka yoke (mistake proofing)
Visual controls
Stop-the-line (Jidoka)
"Plant Layout" Poke-Yoke (mistake proofing) "Think big, act small, fail fast; learn rapidly" If your project would have half of the time, what would you do? "skill in an occupation or trade" Whole project team in same space
Easy access to other teammembers computer/desk
No other people in the same space
Wallspace with whiteboards to design, plan and to visualize progress and status
Information radiators Project space (non tech) What do you think ? Code quality !
Eliminate waste Lean principles Recommended reading About Lean, Agile? About this session? Amplify my learning, I need feedback ! Deside as late as possible Is plan commitment? How to identify waste Origin from Toyota production system
Later also in services & other area
7 principles, waste elimination as leading one
Lean Software Development is merging Agile manifesto Scrum, XP .. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan Testi
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