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A Doll House

A Doll House

Amber turner

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of A Doll House

What Else Was going on
In 1879? By: Katie Collum, Rebekah Sellers,
and Amber Turner Norway: 1879 Parliamentary elections were held
in Norway in 1879. These elections
were not held on a specific date.
Voting rights were very limited.
Women were not allowed to vote,
and there were strong restrictions on men's ability to vote. Women's Rights! Women's status was considered incapable. Relating To Nora Nora was in financial crisis because of her lack of ability to control the money. Norwegian Society in 1879 At the time the play was produced, Norway was undergoing social and political reform. About Henrik Ibsen Author of "A Doll's House" Differences Between 1879 and 2012 Similarities Against the normal society of 1879 King Oscar II He was the King of Norway in 1879.
His reign would have been
concurrent with the time in "A Doll's House" They were not entitled to any training, or able to be considered for any government jobs. It was impossible to enter into any agreement, debts, or even control their own money "A wife can't borrow without her husband's consent." (pg,718)
Nora believes her debt was out of love but society believed it was wrong even if it was morally justified. Ibsen denied believing in Women's rights,instead stating he believed in human rights. What would you do if you had no control over your own life? Henrik was born on March 20th,1828 in the town of Skein. Government Upperclass men Lowerclass men Women Social classes of Norway 1879 2012 Modest clothing was very important For Example: Nora showing her stockings to Dr.Rank was considered scandalous. (pg. 734) Modesty is less prominent.
Showing someone your stockings on you would not be as scandalous as in 1879 Women Could not vote or hold important jobs. Women are supposed to be considered equal to man In some societies patriarchy and dicriminations still exist. Nora went against society's sterotype of women by borrowing the money from Krogstad.
She also went against the sterotype by leaving Torvald. She thought it was in his and her own best insterests.
"Listen,Torvald--I've heard that when a wife deserts her husband's house just as I'm doing ,then the law frees him from all responsibility. In any case, I'm freeing you from being responsible. Don't feel yourself bound any more than I will. There has to be absolute freedom for us both. Here, take your ring back. Give me mine."(pg.750) Today a wife leaving her husband would not create such a shock. Nora felt it was important for her to gain education and experience instead of relying soley on men. Do you think
Nora made the right choice
by leaving Torvald? Why or Why not? His works were considered "scandalous" because he talked about different morals. He wrote about three-hundred poems. About how many plays did Henrik Ibsen write? Around three-hundred What social class was at the bottom in Norwegian society? Women Question and Answers! Who was the King of Norway during the time period of "A doll's House"? King Oscar the Second Name some of the differences between
Norway in 1879 and Norway today. Women now have rights and modesty is looked upon differently what was one of the setbacks of being a woman? They were not able to control their own money, or make agreements and could not hold important jobs.
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