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Self Awareness and Self Development

No description

Stacey Haley Roncone

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Self Awareness and Self Development

Stacey Haley-Roncone
BSHS 415
Diana Herweck, PsyD, LMFT, NCC
What is self-Awareness?
What are the characteristics of someone who is self-aware?
How to Develop Self-Awareness
Conflict resolution skills
Positive Self-Talk
What is the difference between Self-Awareness and Self-Development?
What is Self-Development?
Strategies to Increase Self-Awareness
Activities that Aid in Self-Development
Why is Self-Awareness important in the Field of Human Services?
Greater capacity to objectively tend to the needs of clients
Builds self-esteem which can translate into a positive outlook for clients
Helps to build rapport with clients
Decreases stress and compassion fatigue
"The mouth speaks from that which fills the heart."
(New American Standard Bible, 1995)
Self-Awareness and Self-Development
What is Self-Awareness
What Does a Self-Aware Individual Look Like
How to Develop a Greater Level of Self-Awareness
The Importance of Self-Awareness in the Human Services Profession
What is Self-Development
Activities that Aid in Self-Development
The Importance of Self Development in the Human Services Profession
Know personal characteristics and how they affect other people

Able to identify the areas of life in which they need to grow

Usually transparent, honest, and authentic
The Importance of Self-Development for Human Service Professionals
Self-awareness is a conscious knowledge or understanding of an individual’s own character, feelings, motives, thoughts, and desires (Myers Kiser, 2012).

Myers Kiser, P. (2012). The human services internship: Getting the most from your experience (3rd ed.). Mason, OH: Brooks/Cole/Cengage Learning
Try new experiences
Keep a daily journal
Tell one's life story
Take time to reflect
Ask someone who is trusted about their honest impression of different aspects of our personality. Be open to their responses.
Self-development is the
by which an individual's character is built.
Expose oneself to other cultures
Serve the community
Random acts of kindness
Purposely set challenging goals
Reduces stress
Helps to maintain balance between professional life and personal life
Raises the quality of care for clients
Understanding one's own feelings and motives can enhance the quality of service that is offered to clients and can increase the overall level of satisfaction in life.
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