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La Fiesta de Luces

No description

julia nguyen

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of La Fiesta de Luces

My Sources:
http://www.flickr.com What is the History or Background of the Celebration? The Festival of Lights. La Festival de Luces Is There Any Kind of Special Dances/Parades included in the Celebration? The Festival of Lights contains ten to twelve national bands (the number varies for both floats and bands). Around twelve amazingly decorated floats parade down the streets of Paseo Colon and Avenida Segunda to compete as the Most Shining Float. The floats are judged on their creativity, and originality.
Marching bands and local choirs also participate in the festival as musical accompaniments to the floats, acrobats, cheerleaders, and circus performers. They too, also participate in their own category of the Most Shining competition. How Did the Celebration Begin? The celebration began, and was first created in 1996. it is known as the official kickoff to the Christmas season. Over a million people attend the festival on a yearly basis, a majority of them are locals, while the rest are just visiting tourists. The Festival of Lights is a vast combination of lights, costumes, music, and cultures, and is held on the second Saturday of December. It is a reminder of the significance of family and friends during the holiday season and hope for the upcoming year. What Specific Customs are Celebrated? The title of Marshal of the festival, is greatly highlighted, more so than the festival itself. It is a specific custom that has been honored since 1999 by the Municipality of San Jose, to acknowledge a male or female Costa Rican who has given light and pride to the Capital Country, and even beyond it. Julia Nguyen
5th Period
Hardy The Festival of Lights is celebrated in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. It usually starts on the second Saturday of December, but varies from time to time. The celebration lasts until the end of the year, illuminating the streets with Christmas lights and decorations. The parades path goes through the two main streets in San Jose,Paseo Colon, and Avenida Segunda. Something that visiting tourists should keep in mind when going to the Festival of Lights, is that you might want to arrive early and consider taking a bus or some type of public transportation, as it's almost guaranteed that there will be little to no parking spots at all. When and Where is it Celebrated? Something Interesting or important that Tourists need to know? The Festival of lights, also referred to as Chanukah, has been celebrated for over a decade. It is a jewish holiday that is celebrated in multiple parts of the world. The significance of this holiday is that, it was the day the Jews gained victory over their Greek rulers in the mid-second century B.C.E. Although people celebrate it more for what is known as "The Miracle of Lights." This refers to when the Jews had re-dedicated the Holy Temple. According to the ancient story, there was almost nothing left to light the Temple of Candelabra, as most of the oil had been polluted. But the amount of oil that should have lasted only one day, burned for eight days. This is believed to be the origin of Chanukah, or the Festival of Lights, and that is also why the celebration usually lasts for eight days (but goes on until the end of the year.) How is the Holiday/Celebration Celebrated? What do Families do During the Holiday/Celebration? The Festival of Lights is celebrated with bright lights,sparking fireworks, beautifully decorated costumes, harmonious bands and musicians along with marvelous floats that parade down the streets, with over a million locals and tourists standing off on the sidewalks. During the Festival of Lights, families,friends, and tourists alike, gather together (sometimes, they arrive early in the morning) on the sidewalks of two of the main streets in San Jose, Paseo Colon and Avenida Segunda, and they stay there until the opening band begins to march down the road, followed by floats, choirs, acrobats, and circus performers, officially starting the Christmas celebrations. Crowds of locals (and maybe some tourists as well) set up table and chairs in front of their homes in preparation for the parade. (on the street Paseo Colon.) Police/Security begin to clear off Paseo Colon street so that the floats and other events can come through without any traffic in their way. One of the people who participated in the creation/idea of the float, is dressed up in a highly detailed costume in the theme of the float. China's float that participated in the 2007 Festival de luz. (Festival of Lights) A participating Chinese float in the Festival of Lights A Seven Seas Ship float participating in the Festival of Lights for Most Shiniest.
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