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3 Cheers for the Cheerleaders!

No description

lis lab3

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of 3 Cheers for the Cheerleaders!

3 Cheers for the Cheerleaders!
by Leah Yamniuk
What kind of equipment
do you need to cheer?

When you cheer lead, you need
to have certain equipment. If you
are thinking of joining a cheer squad,
here are some of the stuff you need.
White tennis shoes, a water bottle,
pom poms, mats, uniforms, and possibly
If you're prepared, you'll do
What is the goal of cheerleading?

The goal of cheerleading is
simply making up routines and
rhymes to go with them.
The cheers are supposed to
encourage the team you're cheering
for, to play hard, and win!

Where did cheer begin?

Cheer originated in two
places. At the university
of Minnesota, and Princeton
In the next slide, you will
find out more details of where
it began.
When Cheer began!

Cheer began in two places.
If you learned from the slide
before, in the University of Minnesota
and in Princeton University. But what
you didn't know was when and how!
In 1884, the crowd created a cheer for
the team they were cheering for. Also, in 1898,
Tom Peebles led the crowd to a cheer.
Where do you do Cheerleading?

There's really no telling where you
will do it. It depends on the field, or arena
your team is playing in.
Vocabulary Words

Some special words that only
cheerleaders say, are
1. High V
2. Low V
3. T
4. Pike jump
5. Punch
The End!
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