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American Indian Movement

No description

Ali Lunning

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of American Indian Movement

Double click anywhere & add an idea American Indian Movement AIM was founded in 1968 in Minneapolis, Michigan Published in October of 1972 and sent to the Nixon Administration and then later made public. As a result of the proposal, the FBI added AIM to their list of extremist groups. On June 26, 1975 agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams of the
FBI entered the Pine Ridge Reservation, in an unmarked vehicle
looking for a man named Jimmy Eagle who had supposedly
stolen cowboy boots. The two agents radioed in that they were under
intense fire, at 4:30 p.m. authorities recovered
their bodies. An Oregon state trooper attemped to arrest Leonard Peltier and
Dennis Banks as they were driving down the interstate, however
in a shootout the two men escaped. One of the murdered agents
gun was found and also many other weapons including explosives.
The Resmurs trials,the murder trials of Dino Butler and Bob Robideau, took place in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa in June of 1976. While the trials were taking place the FBI tried to
portray AIM as a terrorist organization, however the population did not see it as so. On June 6, 1976 Peltier was aressted in Canada after
a tribe member shared his location with the FBI To this day Peltier is still imprisoned for
the deaths of Jack Coler and Ronald Williams Peltier is being held at Canaan Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Upon his arrival on January 21, 2009 he was severely beaten in his cell. On June 6, 2001 the Michigan Daily published an editorial called "Free Leonard Peltier." The article discussed the clemency process and also Peltier's second chance of parole. Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering a Philadelphia Police Officer, like Pelitier he is believed to not have been given his right to a free trial. On November 20, 1969, Native Americans began to relocate to Alcatraz Island since the law declared that if the governement abandoned land then it rightfully belonged to the Native Americans. www.highbeam.com/doc/1p1-26950166.htm www.freepeltiernow.org/AIM.htm www.portland.fbi.gov/history.htm The purpose of AIM is to " encourage self- determination among Native Americans to establish internation recognition of their treaty rights." www.infoplease.com
They may not be still heard as loudly but they are still holding a presence within society and they make a return to the headlines Similar v. Different
It is similar because they have united from a hardship to form a universal family so to speack and have had to fight. They have also been at the other end of unfair trials and mistreatment within the Federal Court Systems
It is differnent becuase over 300 treaties have been broken 1890- Sitting Bull
He was a warrior at both Wounded Knee and the Battle of Little Big Horn. He was one of the First Indian Chiefs to fight the US government, he is like an unsung hero of the American Indian Movement.
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