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M&m project

exponential growth

bianca jackson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of M&m project

M&Ms The generic function for the reproduction growth rate of the common M&M is 2(1.5) to the power of x Exponential growth
occurs when growth rate of a function is proportional to the function's current value. In the case of the M&M project the number of m&ms increases by about half every trial we used skittles so ours was botched from the start. This is our data the numbers are our
friends From the dawn of time man has pondered the important questions like; What is fire?
Who am the sky? How does eat food?, and How do M&Ms reproduce? As it would turn out they reproduce Exponentially No I couldnt figure out how to put an exponent in prezi
not for a lack of trying we are so awesome we even made you a graph In case your wondering how an M&M can reproduce it requires all four genders of M&M. You can tell the sexes apart by the color of their hard outer layer of sugary goodness. The large number of individuals involved is a large contributer to the few number of M&M life partners in the US. However un like humans M&Ms can lay up to 48,546,667,543 eggs a month.......each. So dont feel bad if you eat a few hundred million a day there's lots to go around. You may also say to yourself aren't there six different colors of M&Ms well the Red, Orange Brown, and yellow are the ones required to reproduce. Blue and Green are on the blue team so no one cares about them. Ok its finally over do you feel smarter yet if not we can start over Feeling dizzy yet how
about a nice picture of
an M&M to cool down nee Need another brake
heres another picture that was a pretty heavy
on the words do we need another brake too bad were taking one anyway awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he fell down After we decided to genocide them the M&M population faced a steep decline in other words... we ate them this is the graph of the destruction or the fastest rate at which Bianca could eat them oh the M&Manity Trial
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