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M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Georgia

These are the Cherokee Indians

Indian Tribes
There are 7 most important indian tribes. Some tribes are the Apalachee Indians, Cherokee Indians, Hitchiti Indians, Oconee Indians, Miccosukee Indians, Muskogee Creek Indians, and Timucua Indians.

The city of Atlanta.
This is one picture of Six Flags Over Georgia.
There are many places of interest but in my opinion Six Flags Over Georgia is the funnest place to go.

Places of Interest
This is the West Point Lake.
There are 4 most important bodies of water.
Some bodies of water are Clarck Hill Lake and Lake Heartwell.
Bodies of Water
The Peach State
By: Chloe Smith
This is field of cotton.
There are many agriculture products and manufacturing products.
Agriculture Products and Manufacturing Products

The tropical part of Georgia
Georgia is more of a tropical place.

January 46
February 49
March 56
April 63
May 70
June 77
July 80
August 79
September 74
October 64
November 56
December 48

This is Jackie Robinson
The population of Georgia is 9,922,167 and there are many important people but I am going to give you three. Three are Kanye West, MLK, and Jackie Robinson.
Population and Important People
Location, Capital, and other cities
Georgia is located at 33 degrease north and 83 degrease west. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.
Natural Resources Interesting Facts
A natural resource is something that is not man made.
One interesting fact is Georgia was the 4th state.

Here is some marble.
State Symbols
The state Seal.
State Tree is Live Oak
State Flower
This is the Cherokee Rose
State Flag
State motto
State Bird is the Brown
Thank you for watching!
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