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Chapter 13: Power and Politics

No description

syamim rahim

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 13: Power and Politics

a management skill that logical rules and techniques will help to delegate well
which will help manager when employees
are being delegated to a task or new responsibility 2 Q&A Intro Identify the level of discretion they feel prepared to handle
Discuss with the subordinates what and how she delegate it.
Ask them whether they understand and can achieve the objectives. Should executives try to control projects to maintain their position of authority? Do they have a right to control projects and keep in the loop on important decisions just so they can remain in charge? Chapter 13 : Power and Politics Case Incident 1 :
Delegate Power or
Keep It Close Delegation Delegating Power In explaining what makes her decisions hard. Parks said, “I hire good people, creative people, to run these projects, and I worry that they will see my oversight and authority as interfering with their creative process.” How can she deal with these concerns without giving up too much control? Muhammad Zulhilmi bin Othman 1026781
Muhammad Syamim bin Mohd Rahim 1026033
MuhammIad Zulhusni bin Ahmad 1024917
Mohamed `Ubaidullah b. Radzwan 1022757
Muhammad Izzuddin bin Azizi 1029805 If you were Samantha Parks, how would you prioritize which projects or parts of projects to delegate? determine which projects are the most important, and assign a priority to each task of each project. 1 Try to match responsibility and authority
Ensure subordinates will be held accountable for the work that has been delegated to them
Delegate work to subordinates over time in order to continually develop their competence
Think about the employees' level of development and how much responsibility they're ready for 3 Yes. in order to show their responsible towards the projects always participate in the projectsalways look after the project gives the instruction and direction for the team members shareholders would
not be paying the
executives’ salaries if
executives did not serve
some actual function for
the company What are some tasks in an
organization that a top
executive should never
delegate to others? 4 confidential matter disciplining employees duty of manager
not comfortable when confronting subordinates if they have to impose discipline databases of customers crisis situations top executive who failing to monitor or overcome the crisis situation may cause
criticism dispensing praise
and incentives People may doubt the sincerity if let subordinate be the one to send the message for a job well done THANK YOU Delegate Delegate Quran "It is He who has made you (His) vicegerents, inheritors on the earth..." [The Quran 6:15] Hadith "Each one of you is a guardian and each guardian is accountable to everything under his care"[Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) Hadith "Verily, by Allah, we do not appoint anyone to this position who asks for it or desires it." -Sahih Muslim- Conclusion
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