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Noorat Family Physician

No description


on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Noorat Family Physician

Most Hardest Parts Most Enjoyable Parts Family Physician Done By: Noorat K. Aujla I would like to be a family physician in the B.C. Children's Hospital. I would like to help children because their are many children out their diagnosed with terrible diseases. Anyways, there is always a need of doctors. If their is a doctor I would want to work with is, it would be Kristina Johnson. She is a child specialist and since I am going to be mainly helping children, she would come in handy at times. For example, when I don't know which medicine I should prescribe to someone, I can call always call her up for help. Most Family physicians wear a white lab coat with a solid pair of black or white shoes, and other clothes garments are their choice.
The common equipment used is:
*Blood Pressure Cuff Teamwork Skills and Qualities needed to be a Family Physician Examples of who would I want to work with and where would I want to work Uniform and Equipment Required Why Would I Want to be a Family Physician Skills and personal qualities a family physician should have: strong scientific ability, have excellent communication skills, patient, being able to put people at ease, trustworthy, and have confidence and compassion. But with some detachment to cope with too, such as emotional stress, good teamwork, and leadership abilities. He /She need practical skills for examining patients and carrying out clinical procedures, being able to work under pressure and should be able to make quick, clear decisions, also have a logical approach to problem solving. Being a family physician isn't a job like any other. To get to this job, you have to go through a lot of education and need to build up your mental being. I know you need a lot of skills and qualities to become any doctor, but that you build up from being a child to an adult. I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor in some area of family medicine. Helping people is something you don’t do every day, but when have a chance of doing that, why let go of the opportunity.

On the other hand, I am very interested in learning about the human body and how it works, mainly science. Other than all my interest in family medicine, this job can help me get to my basic needs and its salary is good enough to feed me and my family every day, pay for the house bills, and other expenses too. Education and Qualifications
Needed to Enter the Profession -A doctor of medicine degree (MD) is required to work in this field and at least three years of undergraduate studies, as well as four years of medical school. It takes more than 7 years.
-Medical schools and universities have demanding academic admission requirements. -To become a fully licensed physician in B.C., graduates must pass two licensing exams administered by the Medical Council of Canada.
-Residents will also spend four or eight weeks working in areas of the medical profession. Being A Family Physician I think the hardest part of being a doctor is when a patient is not satisfied with your work or when you have tried everything on the patient and nothing is working. Another time, is when the patient is not negotiating with you. The enjoyable moments are when a patient is cured and is happy with the solution you have given them. Another time is when it is the end of the day and you are happy because you have helped so many people throughout the day. Thanks For Watching Typical Day For A Family Physician A typical day would be like: getting ready quick for the first appointment, then making sure all my secretaries are there on time. As my first patient comes in, I help them out and prescribe medicine or give some advice. I do the same for every other patient I have. The phones are ringing and secretaries are picking each one up at a time. There are people who come in for shots or for a blood test. My day is over and I am glad many people left out of my office with a smile on their face. Since a family physician help people throughout their day, they should have a very social and out going personality. On the other hand, a family physician also has to be mentally strong and needs to know what they are doing at all times.
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