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No description

Sarah Maumasi

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of SarahLand

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Advantages and Disadvantages
* You can float everywhere
* Everyone is really good at dodgeball
* We have many beautiful scenic areas

* Hard to learn how to walk instead of floating
* Gum chewing is a serious problem
* Fingers often hurt from playing the ukulele
Interesting Events
December 16, 2679, everyone drove on the right for a day.

September 18, 2685, everyone forgot how to play dodgeball.
People used to wear:
* Pink face masks
* Purple hats
* Checked shorts that turned into pants

7 wonders
1) Stacked car sculpture
2) Tower Tower
3) Lake of Books
4) Dragon Mountain
5) Sea of Monsters
6) Bridge of No Return
7) National Dodgeball Stadium
* English
* Physics of floating
* Math
* Ukelele
* Dodgeball
* No chewing gum after dark
* Everyone must carry graph paper
* Cars drive on the left
* Everyone is required to watch the national game of dodgeball
People now wear:
* Yellow face masks
* No hats, or cone hats
* Balloon pants
* Giant letters as gloves

Fly a helicopter!
Race cars!
Go rappelling!
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