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The Tianenmen Square Massacre

The main facts about the massacre that occurred in Tianenmen Square in 1989.

Sebastian Sapp

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Tianenmen Square Massacre

The Tianenmen Square Protests of 1989 By Sebastian Sapp Lasted from April 14 to June 5, 1989. Took place in China's Tianenmen
Square and the streets surrounding
it. Protests began with the death of
Secretary General Hu Yaobang. Protests escalated in early May, when over 100,000 people marhced on Beijing, demanding for democratic reform. The Chinese protesters later began
starting hunger strikes for reform. Though military action began on May 20, the
military got blocked too much by all of the
protesters, and had to withdraw on May 24. As the People's Liberation Army (PLA) entered the
city to quell the uprising, protesters tried to block
them and threw molotov cocktails and burned
vehicles. In the early morning of June 4, the PLA had surrounded the
square. They were ordered to clear out the square by 6:00 am.
Though given orders not to open fire, the PLA troops and
tanks eventually opened fire on the protesters in the square. One of the most famous pictures from
Tiananmen Square was of "Tank Man,"
the last true protester. Tank Man stood in front of a row of advancing
PLA tanks on June 5 and would not let them
pass until a group of people pulled him out of
the way. No one knows who he is or what has
become of him. If all Chinese culture had disappeared from the face of the Earth
except for this event, all information about this event should be
saved. This event shows what could happen when the
government becomes too powerful and tries to oppress its
people. Thank you for watching
my Prezi!! I hope you
enjoyed it!!
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