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The Legend of Zelda

Proof that the Legend of Zelda is an Epic

Levi Mueller

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of The Legend of Zelda

The Hero: Link

but what kind of name is Link?
The name symbolizes the immortal spirit of the hero, who is linked between the other games in the series in numerous reincarnations.
By Levi Mueller
Link helps many people of his own free will. Doing jobs, and sometimes eliminating threats in the world, Link makes up the force of courage.
Link fights many creatures, most of which are many times larger than him. He always wins his battles, because it is a video game; the game would restart until the player won.
Ganondorf is the evil king who is after the triforce for his own desires. His rage makes up the force of power.
Ganondorf becomes the king of Hyrule.
The Princess: Zelda
Zelda is the royal princess of Hyrule, she is the guardian of the sacred triforce. Zelda also has multiple reincarnations parallel to Link. With her wise insight, she makes up the force of wisdom.
With such a big journey, Link obviously has the support of the people of hyrule, but he is also guided along his journey by the Great Owl.

The dark lord: Ganondorf

Hyrule is thrown into darkness...
So when Ganondorf steals the power of the triforce.
And Ganondorf rules the world with no one having the courage to stand up to the dark lord.
Except for Link, the triforce of courage. Link opposes the evil king, and fights the impossible in order to save Hyrule and its people.

All material is owned by Nintendo or the piece's respective artist.

The power of the world is contained in the triforce, a physical object that grants any desire to whomever holds it, whether they be good or bad.

Ganondorf has different corresponding reincarnations as well.

Eventually Link defeats Ganondorf, and restores peace to Hyrule. This concludes one legend and begins another in the zelda timeline.

The End.
The music is the legend of zelda symphony orchestra.
Zelda is usually targeted by evil people after the triforce, and this usually makes the hero, Link, her savior.
(Only watch the first 30~50 seconds, it is too long.)
There are more than 20 different Legend of Zelda video games each with a different story. This
But the biggest threat to Hyrule...
The three parts of the triforce are courage (Link), Wisdom (Zelda), and Power (Ganondorf)
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