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Fight Song By Rachel Platten

No description

Alice Zeng

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Fight Song By Rachel Platten

About the Song
This song is written by Rachel Platten, and is from the album Wildfire. The genre of music is pop. I chose this song to review because I hear this song everywhere, and it's really popular. I also love this song because it isn't like all other songs, which mostly is love. I think that this song is about trying to achieve your dreams even if you have failed before.
Beat and Tempo
The beat is very steady and it's uses a variety of sounds. Then, as the music progresses, the beat changes, but still with different sounds. The tempo of this song starts off slow, and then goes faster.
The mood of the song is really powerful. It stays the same throughout the entire song. The mood is when you keep on trying to achieve your dream, even when you've failed before.
How is the Mood is Created
It is created using a soft sounding melody. isn't of it being loud and surprising. It's also really slow at the beginning, then faster, which makes it thrilling, but not too much. The instruments and the way that they're played also play a big part in how the mood is created. The piano at the beginning makes the music seem very calm and depressed, which creates a sad mood, but when the tempo speeds up, then the music starts looking up, and it seems more confident and believing.
Why I Like this Song and Why I Chose It
I like this album because, as I said before, it doesn't talk about love, the way many other artists sing about, it's about all different emotions that you don't really hear people singing about in songs. I love that it's different and very inspiring.
There is a variety of musical instruments in this song. The ones that I can hear are the piano, the drums and guitar. I can also hear some beats from a computer in the background. I personally love this music because it is really soft and it's very calm to listen to.
Fight Song
I hope that you've enjoyed this music presentation on Fight Song by Rachel Platten.
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